Take A Look In The Mirror: You Will Never Develop Cancer If You Have THIS On Your Hair!

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It may sound unbelievable to you, but your hair can tell you whether you have a genetic tendency to develop cancer or not.

Having that one lock in the hair that persistently goes on its side no matter how hard you try to brush it and you use heaps gels, oils and varnishes to make it right, but nothing helps, is an indicator that you don’t have genetic tendencies of developing cancer.

Even though it is annoying, this gene is in fact your “guardian angel”. According to some researchers, there is a strong connection between these “troubled whiskers” and genetic predisposition that protects the body from cancer. People who have this type of locks have so-called “Polarized” genes.

These people have such protein that prevents cancer and it is part of the large family protein which have the ability to control the cell destruction, DNA replication and the division of cells.

In order to investigate the anticancer properties, the scientists gave this protein to the insects and they discovered a strange phenomenon. This phenomenon is actually the restless locks on your hair.

The scientists believe that humans who have these locks have the similar samples and if this discovery is confirmed, it would be revolutionary.

This means that if you are struggling with some lock and you can’t make it stand right, you are protected from cancer.

In order to make better and more effective chemotherapies, further studies will be conducted on this phenomenon.



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