Teen Girl Was Feeling Intense Neck Pain. Her Parents Were Horrified After The Doctors Diagnosed Her

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It’s unlikely to find someone under 30 with a streight body or walking and looking streight up. It seems as if all them are hunching or have a neck bending forward. The only straight up walking people are the ones from the older generations.

This started with messaging, browsing, online games and sitting on Facebook and is called “text” neck .

The following is a text about a young girl whose neck was really bad and whose parents were shocked by the doctors report.

Anyone who spends more than 2 hours messaging, browsing, playing online games and sits on Facebook in with a bad posture or position, must have some kind of neck or spine deformation. We are in denial if we think otherwise.

The fact that children spend around 4000hours playing a game on their phones or computers is alarming.This causes neck and back pain but also gaming addiction.

The previously mentioned girl suffered neck pain and was examined by orthopedist. The x-ray results showed a bad reversed spinal curvature. This was unusual since this condition usually occurs to older people with specific jobs. But this happens to a lot of young people nowadays and they must go to chiropractors, have a physical therapy,wear orthopedic braces, have a life style change, massages and adjustments to strengthen their muscles and correct their posture.

Here are a few tips to avoid further damage:

Lift your devices so that you could look at them not down at them. Thankfully there’s even an app for that. Take the stairs, go on long walks, walk as streight as possible, strech and roll your shoulders.

This will take a while to attchieve bit don’t give up. Once you have improved your posture don’t go back to old habits. Your improved posture will make yu appear taller and more graceful.

Back and neck pain can cause other problems such as migraines, stiff arms, legs and hands, bad circulation, debilitating pain which when lasting for a longer period of time, causes deep depression. So be aware of this and warn others as well.


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