The 1 Thing Doctors Say Works Far More Better Than Any Mosquito Repellent

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We all hate the mosquitoes that come along with the summer. These insects are definitely the most annoying ones that suck blood once they get to the skin.

We all use mosquito repellents and sprays in order to get rid of them. Considering the fact that they are full of different chemicals and toxins, these sprays can cause more harm than good!

However, there are 100% natural remedies that can provide the same results as other store bought repellents.

A great number of scientists have confirmed the effectiveness of this particular essential oil. This natural repellent will help your get rid of mosquitoes without harming your health!

Since mosquitoes carry life-threatening diseases such as Zika virus and malaria, protecting from these insect bites is very important!

The blend of lemon and eucalyptus essential oil represents extremely effective mosquito repellent that can provide far more better results than DEET – the most toxic insect repellent.

According to many studies and examinations, DEET provides 84% protection within 4 hours, while our 100% natural remedy provides 97% protection in the same period.

Despite it is extremely effective, one of the best things about this natural remedy is that the process of preparation is very easy and simple and it is consisted of only a few ingredients.


  • A teaspoon of vanilla extract
  • 4 ounces which hazel, rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 30 drops of lemon-eucalyptus essential oil

Place all the ingredients in a spray bottle and re-spray the room or area where you stay regularly because the formula lasts for up to 4 hours!

The effectiveness of this powerful formula was also confirmed by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention. However, today we will also present you a few other options that can be really effective as well:

1.Tea Tree Oil

Many studies have proved that repellents that are consisted of tea tree oil are extremely effective against biting midgets, bush flies and mosquitoes.

2.Soybean Oil

You can repeal different types of mosquitoes by combining lemon grass oil and soybean oil!

3.Greek Catnip Oil

This powerful oil will help you to keep the mosquitoes at bay in just 2-3 hours. According to the Iowa State University, Greek Catnip Oil is 10 X more effective than DEET.

4.Thyme Oil

Make a mixture between 2 oz of water and 5 drops of thyme oil. You can mix 4 drops of this oil to every tsp of jojoba, olive oil or other oil that you prefer in order to prepare homemade brew.

5.Cinnamon Oil

Mix 24 drops of oil for every 4 oz of water. You can spray the resulting mixture on your plants, clothing, around your home or directly on the skin.


Crush the flowers of this plant and then apply them on the sensitive parts of the body such as arms, ankles… A few drops of lavender can be also poured on a clean cloth and then rubbed on your skin.

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