The 9 Habits You Need to Prevent from Dementia and Alzheimer’s Before It Begins

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Dementia is the general term for many issues like memory loss, cognition issues and impeding daily work too.

This can happen In many forms, vascular dementia, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s but most common with 60-80% is Alzheimer’s.

It is progressive and the cause is not treated. Signs involve, apathy, depression, impaired event memory, talks and names.

Some issues can be controlled in dementia:

  • Head injuries
  • Poor diet and deficits
  • No workouts
  • Impaired thyroid
  • Meds that induce dementia
  • Heart risks like cholesterol, pressure, diabetes
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol


Here are the best 9 tips for preventing dementia:

1. Stop smoking

This does great damage for the brain too. Studies said smokers have 45% more risk of Alzheimer’s compared to non smokers.

2. Be active

For strong vascular system, boost the blood flow and pumping of heart. Workout daily to prevent other chronic issues and try to do it at least 30 min daily.

3. Vitamin B

This lowers the molecule homocysteine or HC, damaging the vascular system. When high in levels, it makes risk of strokes, heart issues and vascular problems. Increase more vitamin B to stop cognition and age-related problems.

4. Vitamin D

Studies found that there is link between low level vitamin D and cognition problems like dementia. Use supplements D and stop the Alzheimer’s. sun is the best D vitamin source, but in winter, get supplements.

5. Challenge the brain

Experts said that onset of dementia signs can be delayed for 5 years if you are bilingual, compared to 1 language people. Challenge the brain experts say also crosswords, puzzles delay too, for 2.5 years.

6. Prevent injuries to the head

If you ride a bike, wear a helmet especially be equipped in winter sports. Head injury might lead to brain damage.

7. Control the alcohol

Too much of it makes more risk of dementia, so control this.

8.Track on numbers

Always watch the weight, cholesterol, blood pressure. These predict if dementia or heart health will be impaired. Healthy body is indeed healthy mind.

9. Socializing

Avoid these problems by interaction with others. Walk in nature with friends, walk with relatives daily and such….also doctors claim learning new things also keeps the brain healthy!


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