The Location Of Your Bellyache Indicates The Cause. Be Careful When It Hurts In The Upper Left Part!

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Most of our bodies’ essential functions occur in the stomach and there are numerous nerve endings in our abdomen as well, which means that if we can locate the area of pain, we can discover what is causing it. here are some hints which will help you discover what is the cause of your abdominal ache:

  1. Middle left

If you feel pain in the left side of your stomach, at wais heights, it means that you are dealing with either kidney infection or kidney stones. Moreover, if it is accompanied with constipation or painful urination you should consult your doctor immediately. If not though, it could be related to the lumbar part of your spine.

  1. Middle center

Appendicitis causes a dull pain just above your navel, and you will also feel nausea and you won’t be able to pass gas. On the other hand, if you are throwing up, it means you are dealing with pancreatitis.

  1. Middle right

Pain in the right side at waist height is an indicator of kidney disease or constipation. However, it could also be diverticulitis, where pouches grow on the wall of the colon.

  1. Lower left

If you experience pain in the lower abdomen it means you are suffering from intestinal problems. When it comes to women, they experience period cramps in this area as well.

  1. Lower center

Pain located below your navels is an indicator of a urinary tract infection or inflammatory bowel disease. When it comes to females, they may be suffering from a condition related to the reproductive organs.

  1. Lower right

If you feel pain on one side of the lower abdomen, it is probably a symptom of a strained muscle, but if it appears too often, make sure to consult your doctor. On the other hand, if you experience sharp, worsening pain in the lower right area, make sure to check the other symptoms for appendicitis.

  1. Upper left

Experiencing pain in the upper left part of your abdomen is due to your stomach, but it could also indicate to ulcer or some problems with your pancreas. Gallstone stuck in a bile ducts could also be the trigger if the pain is intense and worsening quickly.

  1. Upper middle

Acid reflux usually causes pain in the upper middle of your belly. Moreover, it could also be caused by an ulcer or gallstones, depending on the exact sensation of the pain.

  1. Upper right

A duodenal ulcer, an ulcer in your small intestine causes pain in the upper part of your abdomen, and usually the cause is an excess secretion of gastric juices.

Make sure to visit a doctor if you feel pain in your stomach for several days in a row and be persistent in discovering the cause.

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