These 6 Surprising Things Can Damage Your Liver

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The liver is a very important organ and its job is to filter the blood from different toxins and chemicals that come from the digestive tract. If it doesn’t function well it will affect your over all health. Avoid the following things to prevent that:

  1. Alcohol

Alcohol may damage your liver even if you’re drinking periodically. You don’t have to quit drinking but try to control the quantity you consume-be moderate.

  1. Sugar

Your liver produces fat from the fructose in the sugar. You create fat buildup in your liver from the refined sugar and high-fructose food an soft drinks.

  1. Being overweight

Fat can accumulate in your cells  and cause your liver to swell. This may lead to liver diseases, hardening and scarring the liver tissue and cirrhosis. When you consume trans fat, found in all proced foods, you gain weight and damage your health. Try  eatting heathy to avoid liver disease and other disorders.

  1. Certain supplements

When you consume too much iron the liver can’t get rid of the excess which may cause cirrhosis and liver cancer. Also consuming Chinese herbal medicine such as ginseng, kombucha tea, kava kava and barberry may cause damage so make sure you consult a doctor first.

  1. Vitamin A

If you take supplements with vitamin A you may cause liver and bone damage. Therefore only consume vitamin Athrough real foods rich with such as eggs, oily fish and fresh fruits and vegetables and liver. They can benefit your immune system, vision, and skin.

  1. Acetaminophen

Acetaminohen is a substance found in painkillers and according to the FDA, it should not be consumed more than 325mg which can be very harmful. It may cause acute liver failure. So consult a doctor before you take painkillers.

  1. Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is transmitted by sharing un-sterilized needles when injecting drugs, sharing razors and toothbrushes and unprotected sex. If it is not treated it may cause cirrhosis and liver failure. Therefore, get tested and try to prevent this since it is curable in the beginning stages.

In conclusion, get healthy,eat right and decrease sugar and alcohol to prevent liver damage.


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