These Dangerous Symptoms Indicate That You Have Leaky Gut Syndrome Which Can Lead To Surgery

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Many people face serious health complications due to certain problems with their digestive tract, so in order to prevent that, you need to know the following symptoms and signs:

What is leaky gut syndrome?

This condition is characterized by leaky wall of the guts that makes it possible for different substances to penetrate into the body such as microbes, undigested foods, toxins and many others. They are supposed to stay inside the gut, but when they penetrate the body, they can cause dangerous health disorders. The most common disorders caused by leaky gut are: obesity, schizophrenia, type 1 and 2 diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, Chron’s disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

It affects the colon

The digestion is the first affected by leaky gut which is manifested as inflammatory gut disease like ulcerous colitis or irritable bowel syndrome. Moreover, it can be manifested as allergy or sensitivity to some ingredients and as a result of that, it can cause pain and other digestive problems.

It affects the joints

Leaky gut can also result in stiffness, pain and difficulty moving. You can experience pain in other parts of your body as well due to leaky gut.

It affects the skin

This disorder can also cause psoriasis and eczema, but it can be manifested as rosacea acne as well.

It affects the sinuses

Leaky gut can weaken your immune system which will lead to constant colds and sinus infections.

It affects the brain

The leaky gut syndrome affects your brain as well, and people who have experienced this disorder, report a feeling of tiredness, anxiety and depression.

Visit your doctor

If you experience some of the abovementioned symptoms, make sure to consult your doctor and do the necessary tests to discover whether you are dealing with leaky gut syndrome or not.

Take care of your diet

Make sure to avoid the consumption of sugar, lactose and gluten since they are considered to be the heaviest food that trigger leaky gut disorder. Instead, you should consume coconut products, pickles veggies, bone marrow soup and raw dairy products.

Reduce the stress level

Nowadays, people are under a lot of stress which is the main factor for all kinds of health issues because it weakens your immune system which can lead to leaky gut. In order to relieve stress, try to exercise more, spend some quality time with people you love, meditate or write a personal dairy.

Take supplements

The supplements are an essential part of your health so in order to find out what substances you lack, consult with your doctor and take the ones you need.

Be persistent in your diet

The most important thing to stay healthy is to be persistent, which means that you should not go back to your regular diet once the symptoms disappear. Make sure to consume healthy foods, since everything you incorporate In your body, affects your overall health.

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