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Hunza people live in the mountains of northern Pakistan and there are about 87,000 of them. They are cheerful and strong people. They look so young that people are amazed when they hear what is their actual age. They eat a lot of apricots and live an average of hundred years. Most of them live 120 years without experiencing health issues, and some even lived 160 years. They don’t know what are tumors and the wives give birth even when they are 65 years old.

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Hunza people show how diet and lifestyle affect people. They bathe in ice cold water even in low temperatures. They consume food grown by themselves only including: fruits and vegetables, nuts, dried apricots, cereals (mostly millet, buckwheat and barley), legumes and very little cheese, milk and eggs.

They eat little and walk a lot, up to 15 to 20 kilometers a day.

They only have breakfast and lunch, no snacks. They avoid meat and consume it only once to twice a year, mostly lamb or chicken. Moreover, they laugh a lot.

It is their tradition to drink only juice from dried apricot for a period between 2 and 4 months, no food. This usually happens in the time of the year when the fruit is not yet ripe. Doctors confirm that their diet and occasional starvation is the cause for their healthiness and long life.

Their habit to eat a lot of apricots might be the reason they are immune to tumors. Apricot seeds contain high amounts of vitamin B-17 that has anti-cancer properties. They also use the seeds to make oil. They only use small amounts, otherwise it could be dangerous. The more apricot trees a family has, the more prestigious they are. However, there are unhealthy industrial foods today (among them as well) as a result of which caries and gastrointestinal problems occurred.

These strong people claim that they are descendants of Alexander the Great and his soldiers. The media talked about Said Abdul Mobudu in 1984 who was one of the Hunza people. He came to airport in London and confused the policed when he showed his passport and it said he was born in 1832.


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