This Client Made A Mockery Of This Poor Cashier And Shouted To Her “Failure”, But Her Boss Did All She Had To Do

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Many people have always stated that one of the most difficult jobs, is where we have to deal with people. This is because many times we must tolerate arrogant, arrogant and haughty people.

Besides that, we have no right to complain because “the customer is always right” . Something similar happened to this young university student, who worked part time as a cashier to pay for her studies.

She enjoyed her job, and tried to do her best to make the customer happy. In addition, he liked to be in the company of his companions of turn, who were very pleasant.

However, during Christmas seasons, people often go out and buy a lot. So, in that little shop, even the boss came out to help care for people at that time. One day, a good-looking woman came to her daughter’s side to make a purchase. At first glance you could see that it was well wealthy and knew what he wanted .

After making the purchase, he went to the cashier to pay for his items. That day the line almost went outside of so many people . However, the cashier tried to do a good job and try to make every customer happy. When the woman’s turn came, the cashier gave her a smile just like the other people. But the woman hurried to get some coupons to pay for her purchase.

The young cashier asked if she had found all the items she was looking for. However, the woman preferred to pay more attention to her cell phone and ignored the cashier. She continued to do her job and scanned all the coupons. However, one of them had already expired, so that was rejected by the system . The cashier kindly explained the inconvenience, but the woman, very angry, shouted that all their coupons should be accepted equally.

The boss intervenes in the situation

Very upset, the woman requests to speak with the manager. Since the cashier’s boss was also helping him, he just motioned for her to come over. While her boss approached, the woman whispered to her daughter: “So I insist that you study both professional and you do so that you do not end as a simple cashier .”. Outraged, the cashier asked her to repeat what she had said, and the woman, in all haughtiness, repeated it again.

Without being able to do anything, the cashier explained that she was a university student, and that her job as a cashier was to pay for her studies. His boss, who was near, heard what was happening . When she arrived, the woman demanded that her coupon be accepted to pay for the purchase. At that moment, the boss began to take out the items that the cashier had already packed. The woman, outraged, shouted, “What are you doing? That’s my purchase, “while the boss continued to unpack.

Now the boss said: ” This is my business, and I will not humiliate or ridicule that my employees. If you are so kind, please, I beg you to leave my establishment. When you have changed your attitude again and gladly assist you . ” On top of that, the boss asked his cashier to take a short break to get some air. This was just a bad time, not a bad day, so I wanted him to recover his smile.

Undoubtedly, a great act of humanity and interest in its employees deployed this boss. It is undoubtedly an example to be imitated for many bosses. Share this story with your friends on social networks. That way, they can reflect on the action of this boss and perhaps it is possible to become aware that the client is not always right.

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