This Fruit Prevents Can Prevent Cancer and Heart Disease And It Tastes Good Too!

Ceylon gooseberry is an exotic fruit with an eye-catching purple color that is native to Southwest Brazil. It is most often used in drinks or to prepare delicious fruit jams. The Ceylon gooseberry is also sold fresh, and a recent study has suggested that the fresh fruit contains a much higher antioxidant activity than cranberries or raspberries. Gooseberries are rich in phytochemicals which can prevent oxidative damage in the body that is one of the main factors for cancer and heart disease.

Ceylon gooseberry is a fruit that grows on small trees in Brazil, Sri Lanka, India and South Africa. It is primarily used for its juice, which contains a high level of the pectin fiber. The fruit is known as tropical cranberry in the world. Like other dark colored berries, the Ceylon gooseberry is rich in antioxidants which can fight conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. The berries are a great addition to smoothies and fruit salads, while the pulp is used for jams and jellies. The fruit is hardly eaten raw due to its bitter taste, but leaving it to ripen will increase the sugar presence and eliminate the bitter taste. Recently, more and more scientists are studying the nutritional composition of the fruit as well as its antioxidant abilities which may turn out to be effective against numerous types of cancer.


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