This Girl Was Drinking 3 Cups Of Green Tea A Day, What Happened To Her Left Doctors Speechless!

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In this article, we will present you a story about a 16-year-old girl from the United Kingdom who was suffering from headaches, nausea and abdominal issues.

After she consulted her doctors, she was diagnosed with an infection of the urinary tract. Her doctors prescribed her antibiotics and some home treating.

Unfortunately, her state got even worse after she used 2 doses of antibiotics, and she immediately returned to the hospital. The second diagnose she receives was jaundice.

Now, the doctors had new information, the girl has actually been drinking Chinese green tea in order to lose extra pounds. The worst part is that she bought this tea on the internet, and it has done more damage than good to her organism. She admitted drinking 3 cups on a daily basis for seven months.

After this revelation, the doctors provided her with the necessary help and with the proper therapy. They also took the green tea for further examination and the results showed that this tea contained an ingredient called “Camellia sinesis”. This evergreen plant was used in the tea even though it is known to incite hepatitis in girls.

The doctors discovered that extreme consumption of green tea may even lead to liver disease, which is why they recommend drinking it in limited quantities.

Moreover, people should be really cautious when using this tea because it may also contain even more harmful compounds that this one. These harmful compounds are pesticides, which are thought to contribute to weight loss.

We recommend you to be very careful and to avoid drinking green tea in large quantities since it can be hazardous for your organism. Furthermore, you should also be careful with overconsumption of any kind of food because when something is consumed in excess amounts, can only be harmful for your overall health.




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