This Hormone Is The Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight – Here Is How To Fix This Problem !

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If you are following a strict diet but there are not any results, you should find out the reason for that. Namely, leptin is hormone that you should handle immediately.

This hormone is secreted by the cells and its general function is to balance the body weight and the energy levels. Experts explain that there are two ways on which leptin is performing its function. The first one is by signaling the brain when we eat and the second one is by stimulating the fatty tissue to burn the energy.


As people are fattening, in order to make a balance and to stimulate the fatty tissue in order to burn the excess fat, their body is releasing more and more leptin in the blood stream. Still, at some people leptin is malfunctioning. To be more precise, many overweight people developed leptin resistance in their bodies.

What leptin resistance means and how it happens?

After longer period of time, when the leptin levels are high, most people are losing sensitivity to leptin in their bodies. In other words that means that the brain doesn’t listen when the leptin is telling it to hasten the metabolism and to stop eating.

Exactly that is making the process of losing weight very difficult. Leptin resistance is making the patient prone to chronic disease by causing increased inflammation and excess stomach fat.

Another reason for developing leptin resistance can be the crash diets. Some people make huge mistake by reducing their calorie intake very drastically, as they have intention to lose weight very fast. Still, that attempt usually becomes serious issue, thus it makes the leptin to respond by telling our brain it needs more eating.

That is the reason why you should completely avoid these types of diets. With these diets people fail most of the times and they can even deliver some illnesses. According to medical experts, that is definitely the worst approach to the weight loss process.

Some individuals may become resistant to leptin if they are consuming processed foods regularly, such as:

Food high in fat

Refined Carbohydrates

Food high in sugar

High fructose corn syrup




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