This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Start Walking Barefoot 5 Minutes Every Day

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One of the most primal instincts for mankind is walking barefoot. There are many advantages that we get from walking barefoot, that we don’t get when we are walking with shoes.



The major advantage of walking barefoot is that we connect to the earth. Our body is conductive to the earth and the earth is conductive to our body. By walking barefoot, we surge the negative particles that are found in the erath, which is called “earthing” or establishing.

We need these negative ions from the earth because we live in a world full of positive particles due to the electronics that surround us. For example, we all have mobile phones, tablet, PC, TV, wirless towers, microwave and so on. All these gadgets with a force source that radiates a sign, bluetooth, wifi, even hardware that do not emanate a sign still transmit positive particles. Since we separate ourselves from the world’s normal negative particle field we are flooding our body with pro-inflammatory positive particles brought about by the electronics and gadgets around us.

Beside earthing, which is extremely powerful advantage of walking barefoot, there are also many other different advantages, such as:

  1. Balance Electrons and Influence The Brain

It is a fact that our body is around 70% water so the more we are grounded, the more conductive and alive it the water in the entire body. So, when we walk barefoot, it helps to create an ionic balance within our cells. If you have wondered why all exercises with the most age and wisdom like yoga, tai chi and martial arts are done barefoot, it is because it helps us wire our brain to be on our feet at all times. When we wear shoes we don’t think on our feet probably because we are somehow disconnected from them. Walking barefoot helps to balance emotional and mental stability and well-being.

  1. Improving Sleep Quality

As we all know, our predecesors slept on the earth itself or close to the earth. Being close to the earth it helps relieve tension and uproots positive ions to make way for negative ions. When the body is filled with negative ions, it relaxes and people are able to sleep better. You have probably noticed that when you swim in the ocean or in lake, or when you walk bare foot on the beach, you sleep better and you are relaxed. This is becaue you were  earthing in the water and on the sand and you slept better because of the negative ions flowing through your body.Walking barefoot also helps to balance your circadian rhythm to give you better awake/asleep conscious awareness. I think walking barefoot is a subconscious reminder of that ‘natural’ time to wake and sleep.

  1. Enhances your overall posture 

In the past, when people walked barefoot, their feet were more flexible and strong and solid, than ours are today, because we almost never walk without shoes. This prompts terrible stance on the grounds that we get to be dependent upon different muscles to carry out the employment our feet are in charge of doing. Due to our week feet, our posture is bad which can lead to knee pain, bakc pain and neck pain. Knee pain is actually often caused from shoes that misplace your postural alignment. We can strenghten our ankles, feel and toes if we start to walk, run, jog and play with just our feet and it will give us better posture, balance and stability.

  1. Develop and Increase Your Senses

As opposed to our caveman ancestors who walked on sand, wood, grass and pebbles, we walk in our shoes, so we miss out on the sensory experiences involved in that process. Our feet transmit information to other areas of the body when are stimulated. However, when we walk in shoes, multiple pressure points and nerve endings on the bottom of our feet go unstimulated. On the other hand, when we remove shoes we open up our sensory would and allow our nervous system to explore more.

The most important thing that we must do when we walk barefoot, is to pay attention where are we walking.  Strolling unshod likewise empowers the nerves and weight focuses on the base of the foot which can help to bring chi vitality (life power, prana, distinctive societies have diverse names for this) to distinctive ranges in the body connected with those weight focuses on the base of your foot.

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