This Is What Happens When You Place An Ice Cube At This Point On Your Head

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Seemingly little things can bring forth great happiness

The simple trick called Feng Fu can help you look younger, live longer, lead fuller life and feel more energized.

Only by putting an ice pack on the back of the neck will help you with numerous bothersome conditions. Moreover, it will help you get rid of some certain illnesses and it will make you feel more energetic and plain happy.

Feng Fu is in fact a pressure point and you can find in at the base of your skull, just bellow the bottom ridge of the skull cap at the top of the neck.

If you haven’t heared about brown fat, it is actually a heat-genereting kind of fat that burns energy instead of storing it. Newborns have this kind of fat in order to keep them warm, but as they grow older, until adulthood. They lose most of their stores of it.

Brown fat has been located in the neck area, around blood vessels (helping to warm your blood), and “marbled” in with white fat in fat tissue.

Scientists discovered that they were able to activate the brown fat still present by cooling this area twice per day. The patients that were included in this study burned more calories and lost white fat-the fat that causes obesity.

As you can realize on your own, this iced activation of the brown fat will definitely rev up your metabolism as well as your natural energy.

What does it do for you?

Putting an ice on this pressure point will get you numerous beneficial processes in your body. All you have do to is to place an ice cube on the pressure point once in the morning on an empty stomach and once in the evening, before bedtime.

These are the benefits:

  • It may help relieve lung and cardiovascular diseases.
  • It may help thyroid issues.
  • It rejuvenates your body.
  • It helps regulate your gut.
  • It may improve mental health.
  • It also helps with weight loss.
  • It relieves colds.
  • It relieves toothaches and headaches.
  • It improves your sleep quality.
  • It improves your mood.
  • It may relieve PMS.

How to do this ice down cool treatment?

In order to perform this ice down cool treatment, you need to lie on your stomach and place an ice cuve at the Feng Fu pressure point.

Allow the ice cube to stay for 20 minutes. Use a bandage to fit it in place if you’re on the go.

I think this method is well worth a try since it won’t cost you a thing. You have probably noticed that boxers and sport athletes are using this method not just to cool off, but to relieve back pain, knee pain, stop nose bleeding, migraines, sooth sore muscles and to re-energize.

Practical tip:

In order to be able to reuse the ice cube, you can put it in a zip-lock freezer bag, so it melts in it. After that you just need to put the bag in the freezer (on an angle so the water gathers in one corner), and you can keep reusing it.


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