This Is Why You Should NEVER Put A Child Wearing A Winter Coat Into A Car Seat!

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Many of us believe that if we strap our babies in all snug and cosy that they will be safe, however, the awful reality is that the huge winter coats we put them in to keep them warm can actually be more harm than good in the space of a car.


Because winter coats are often big, they leave a dangerous space between the belt and the body of the child.

God forbid, a crash was to ever occur, the coat can often prevent the effectiveness of the belt. Should you come to a sudden stop or jolt the space will be compressed and this negates the effectiveness of the car seat straps.

See image below:

Although we know it is important to keep your child warm in winter, we would suggest just using the heaters in your car to regulate the temperature.

Or if your car doesn’t have heater, instead of having your child wear the coat, remove it, and get them to use it as a blanket.

The video below will provide you with more information and reveals the dangers of strapping your child in his or her car seat while wearing a big thick winter jacket.

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Removing the jacket could prevent serious harm to your child, should an incident occur.

Stay safe people, and have a happy holidays! All the best.



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