This Mom Thought The ‘Disneyland’ Ride Had Made Her Sick. But When She Got To The Hospital? The UNTHINKABLE Happened!

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If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you’ll know that some of the rides can make you feel a little queasy. Sure, it’s a whole lot of fun to jump on a big dipper and have a ride, but if you do so right after lunch or eating a massive ice cream, you might find that you start to feel just a little sick. Well, when one mom started to feel a bit out of sorts on the rides, she chalked it up to just that. After all, plenty of people find that all the motion from the rides make them feel sickly.
Kate Smith had been on a family holiday with her husband and two children when the nausea started but she initially thought nothing of it.

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When it stayed with her long after she’d been on the roller coasters, though, she knew that something was not quite right.

She took a pregnancy test and quickly found that she was actually with child. What was weird about the whole situation was the fact that she had never before felt this bad while pregnant. Of course, she’d had two children before and the pregnancies had been quite straight forward!

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This time around, though, she was seriously suffering from headaches and pain throughout her entire body. That’s when the midwives discovered that she was not just carrying one baby – she was pregnant with triplets!


I went on every rollercoaster possible in Disneyland and when I started to feel sick, I just assumed I’d gone on one too many fast rides. It wasn’t until the sickness refused to budge that Gerard urged I got a pregnancy test.

We were thrilled when we realized I was actually pregnant, we had always wanted more children together. But when we returned from our holiday I started to feel really unwell, unlike my pregnancies with Louie and Tia, I was completely knocked off my feet and couldn’t work.

I had a constant migraine and I was exhausted, I knew something wasn’t right and I was terrified I might have been having a miscarriage.

So I booked an early scan at eight weeks and we got the biggest shock of our lives, there was four babies in there.

Both myself and Gerard started laughing at first but then the reality set in and I started crying.

Kate has now given birth to three healthy, happy babies! What a wonderful surprise. You see, Disneyland really is the most magical place on earth.

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