This Mother Lost Her Child Because She Made A Mistake On Facebook. Keep Your Eyes Open!

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The internet and the social networks can be helpful and amusing but also harmful at some times. This is a story of a mother who learned this the hard way.

Just imagine that you’re a Facebook user who gets a friend request from a stranger, you don’t know him/her at all. Their profile picture looks nice to you and you decide to accept their request. What could go wrong in this situation?


You forget this in no time because you have children that are starting school and you’re very proud of them and you are getting ready for the big day and you post photos of the ceremony on Facebook. Under the photos you write something like “What a beautiful day. My baby is all grown up!” On top of all, you link the photo with the name of the school and your post is ready to go public. The consequences of this can be mortifying.

What secretly happens after this is scary: the stranger whose request you’ve accepted, downloaded the picture and uploaded it on an online catalogue where hundreds of men from around the world can see it, and wrote under the photo:

“Youngblood, American girl. Not even 6 years old! Only 10,000 dollars!”

You are unaware of this until you go to pick up your daughter from school and she isn’t there. You look around, ask people if they’ve seen her and tears are running down your cheeks.

What is happening to your little girl at that moment is something you don’t want to hear. It is something that never would have happened if you haven’t posted those pictures on Facebook. Even if your child is spared from the worst, you’ll be left with the disgusting feeling that her pictures will be on a catalogue made for child molesters. You need to STOP ADDING STRANGERS ON FACEBOOK! One friend less is much better that what could happen to your child.

Don’t forget this message. Beware of strangers on social networks. Do not accept them in any case. And most importantly, don’t post pictures of your children as they can end up in the wrong hands. Pedophiles are lurking everywhere.



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