To Treat a Severe Headache, Coughing, Reducing Fever … The Onion Can Help to Cure Many Diseases.

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Consumed as ray or in salads, onion has always been a part of our meal. There are some natural remedies with onions which will help in the treatment of many medical conditions.


 The lining of onion

-Put coverings with chopped onion, in cases of headaches, pain in the ears and cold, swelling, at painful sites.

-If you have a fever, place the lining with chopped onions on your feet.

-If your nose is bleeding, put the lining with chopped onions on your neck.

-If you were bitten by a wild animal, place the lining with chopped onion to the wound.

-If you are suffering from ulcers of the skin or under you skin, grate one onion, mix it with a little olive oil, put it on the sore place and let it stay for 1 or 2 hours.

Juice of onion

-First, chop the onions and squeeze out the juice from them. If you suffer from pneumonia or some other illness , mix the juice with 1 tablespoon of honey and consume it 2 or 3 times a day.

-If you suffer from hair loss and you want to stimulate the growth of your hair, massage your head with onion juice, several times a day.

-If you have a strong and persistent cough, heal it with onion juice, but water-diluted. You can do the same procedure if you want to clean the intestines from parasites.

-In cases of skin diseases, rub some onion juice into the skin several times a day.

-If you have carminative stomach, you should drink onion juice mixed with brandy in equal proportions.

Boiled onion

If suffer from frequent urination or ulcer, you should chop 1 onion, put the onion in 2dl of water and 1 tablespoon of honey. Then put a little rosemary in this mixture, and boil it with 2 dl of wine and 2 dl of water. You must take 1 tablespoon every hour.

Baked onion

In case of wound and ulcers, wash the sore place, then put the onion on the spot, but the onion should be previously cooked in fat.

In case of blood clotting, you should eat one onion fried in olive oil, every day in the afternoon and evening.

If you suffer from pain the ears (infection), roast some onions, put a lining with them on the ear and hold it there for some time.

The worst cases, of different kinds of tumors, put leaves of roasted onion on the skin surface.

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