Treat Strep Throat Naturally and Effectively With THIS!

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Home remedies do not have any side effects like the medicines have and they are always effective. You can use the remedies easily that you will find in the following to treat the strep throat infection. Many people want to use natural remedies to eliminate infections and let the body heals by itself. It was considered that the best solution for it was the medication, but the antibiotics can have side-effects. Strep throat infection is a viral infection and it can be transferred from one to another, quickly and easily. The following home remedies make the infections go in a day or two and make the life easier. This is one of them:

-One tbs. of raw honey;
-Four to five finely chopped garlic cloves;
-Half tsp. of cayenne powder;

Mix all of the ingredients and consume 1 tsp. of it every hour. Even those who don’t like garlic have tried it and were surprised how effective and simple it is.

*Get some rest*

You need to get rest because the strep infection won’t go away in one night. Get proper rest and sleep in order to fight off most of the infections. If you work, then you should take a day off, pull the curtain and turn off your devices and go to sleep.

*Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol*

When you’re having strep throat infection, the throat is at the weakest and at risk. You need to drink and eat with full care. Do not drink and eat things that can irritate the throat. Avoid smoking, alcohol, processed and deep-fried foods. Move away immediately if someone is smoking near you.

*Pepper and honey*

These ingredients have been used for centuries for soothing the throat. Just consume 1 spoon of honey and sprinkle some pepper (ground) on it and mix with another spoon. Consume it slowly and leave it to glide down the throat and it will ease the pain.

*Warm comforting drinks*

If you are having dry and scratchy throat, a cup of hot or warm herbal tea can relief the pain in the throat. Sip it slowly and you will feel better for sure. It can fight off the tiredness, fatigue and weakness that strep throat brings. If you don’t like green or white tea, experiment with some other available flavors.

*Ginger tea*

This amazing root is known for its natural healing properties and it can treat and relieve strep throat infection. Preparation:

-You will need crushed ginger that you have to add in boiling water and boil it for four to five minutes. After that strain the ginger and you can add honey to taste as it is natural antibiotic, but it is optional. Drink it warm.

*Cayenne powder*

This ingredient is used as a therapy for sore throat and strap throat infection. It helps eliminate the pain from the strep infection. Preparation:

-Add raw honey to a cup of hot water and add the cayenne powder in the quantity that you can tolerate. Mix it well until it is combined and leave it to cool down a little bit to sip it warm.

*Inhale steam*

Steam cannot cure the strep throat immediately but it can relieve the complications that come with the infection. The steam can relieve a congested nose and make you feel better. Add a little of essential oil in a bowl of hot water, put a towel over the head and inhale the steam. You can use juniper berry oil, thyme oil, hyssop oil, oregano oil, eucalyptus oil or peppermint oil.

*Green matcha tea*

This tea is rich in antioxidants that help boost the immune system and speed the recovery of inflammation. It is beneficial for eliminating harmful toxins from the body and it provides relief.

*Licorice root*

The licorice root has been used in treating sore throats and it is very effective when it is mixed with warm water so you can make a solution for gargle. Non-sugar licorice root candy may provide pain relief and soothing.

*Slipper elm*

This is a remedy for treating sore throats as it has mucus-like substance when mixed with warm water and this gel coats the throat wall and heals it. If you have its supplement in capsules form, take 1-2 and use the following method. Add one tsp. of slippery elm powder glass of warm water (8oz) and stir until it dissolves. Then, drink it.

*Marshmallow root*

This root also has mucus-like substance that soothes and coats the infected throat. It is shown by some research that it can soothe and comfort irritated mucus membranes. Add dried root in one cup of very warm water and make a tea. Sip it two times a day.

*Apple cider vinegar*

ACV is one of the most helpful methods for helping the body recover from many minor ailments and treating strep throat infection. Make a solution of ½ cup of warm water and one to two tsp. of ACV for gargling. If you don’t like the taste, mix one to two tsp. of ACV in 8oz glass of water and sip it the during the day.

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