Typical Signs That Show Your Liver is SICK, but Are Only Noticed When It’s TOO LATE!

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Liver damage can go on uncontrolled for years and lead to complete failure from the cumulative damage. That’s why you need to make sure that this internal organ gets all the help you can give to stay healthy.

One thing that many people don’t know about the liver is that it can regenerate. Since the organ is very elastic, it can resume its functions even if it severely damage.

However, it’s always bad to prevent than to treat. That’s why it’s great to know these 3 typical signs which show your liver is sick:

Chronic Liver Swelling

A swollen liver is never the sign of over-eating. It usually appears due to stomach swellings that were caused by liver problems.

That’s why if you look and feel as though you are in the early stages of pregnancy, get yourself checked because your liver might be causing the look and discomfort. The easiest way to check is to touch it because if the organ has expanded due to problems, it will be painful to your touch.

Stomach Pains

If you live with aches that are located on your rights side of your body, right beneath your rib cage, then a doctor’s visit is a must. This pain is normally accompanied by liver problems and it can become so intense that even sitting will become painful.


Your liver produces the proteins needed for your blood coagulation. As it begins to struggle with problems, the protein levels drop and bruises start to appear. This is normally accompanied by bleeding more easily, so pay attention to these signs and visit your doctor in time.


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