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In case you have abnormal mammogram or your doctor found a lump or other change in the breast, you should not be worried as these these changes in the breast are very common and most of them are not cancerous. Still, you need to make the following tests:

A sharp increase in the volume of breasts:

  • At some cases, it is result of weight gain. Experts explain that every kilogram has affect at the size of the breast directly.
  • PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome) or certain negative effect of the hormonal contraceptive method that is used.
  • Pregnancy.

A large reduction in breast size:

Most usually this is indication that you are losing weight.

One breast is bigger than the other:

This phenomenon actually is quite typical among women, and is much more visible during Pre Menstrual Syndrome.

At some cases it is sign of breast cancer. If you notice that there is any abnormal tissue change that changes the shape of the breast, keep in mind that it is a warning sign and you must visit medical expert.

Skin irritation under the breasts:

This condition usually occurs as allergic reaction to specific material: stained undergarments or wires that are often found in bras.

Also, it might indicate skin inflammation. This condition mostly appears at women who have large breasts. It comes to a friction combined with sweat results with irritation.

Lumps in the breast aureole:

This actually is a natural change in the nipple. Namely, the function of breasts is milk production, and these small lumps are terminations of the glands. During the menstrual cycle, they may become very noticeable.

A large bulge in halo:

As some cases it comes to a breast cyst. Even though cysts usually are not dangerous, it is extremely important to control them.

It also could indicate that there is tumor. In case you notice any changes within the breast, and if these changes can be seen or felt naked eye, you should visit a gynecologist immediately.

Hairs nipples:

It is possible that there is reaction to certain cosmetics or medicines that contain male hormones.

Sometimes it could refer to polycystic ovary syndrome. Along with that, other common symptoms are acne and irregular menstrual cycleare

Nipples biting:

This indicates that you have an allergic reaction to some lotion, soap, body lotion or fabric. In order to avoid this hassle don’t forget that you should wash the new bras, before you wear them.

It could be a sign of menstruation as at some women hormonal changes cause it

Also, it might refer to cancer nipple. This is rare condition, but if is presented along with secretion, it might be really alarming.

White nipple discharge:

Certain physical stimulation can cause it. It is not dangerous, but it is symptom that should not be ignored, and you should visit medical expert.

Red nipple discharge:

It is possible that it indicates benign tumor that can arise in the channel breast milk. You should advice with your gynecologist.

Lump of tissue in the chest:

As some women it is enlarged milk duct, but it also may appear due to changes before menstruation or stress.

Another option is cyst or tumor. It is important to visit a doctor.

Big lump in any part of the breast:

This usually refers to a cyst. If the tumor is round and when pressed it moves, the cyst is benign. At most cases it is about 1 cm.

Still, it might indicate breast cancer. Therefore, this change should not be ignored and you should immediately visit a doctor.



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