Very Useful Practical advice on first aid…

The dream will improve with two to three drops of mandarin or lavender, put in tea. Larger quantities can cause drowsiness during the day.

Food digestion will be accelerated by one or two drops of mandarin oil in a teaspoon of honey.
Pain in wound and around the trimmed seats will be less, if the damaged area is greased with two drops of tea tree.
The bite of mosquitoes, sun burns, redness of the skin, will be mitigated by one or two drops of lavender, the same amount of oil from the bark of tea tree.
If you are in shock take a drop pungent mint on a sugar cube.
The smell from your mouth and ulcers are removed with a mixture of three drops of pungent mint, lavender, lemon, tea tree and a drop of thyme in 50 ml of water. The mixture should be mixed well with her to wash your mouth and spits.

Stuffy nose will get rid of secretions using a single drop of oil of eucalyptus, which is soaked handkerchief, through which occasionally breathe during the day. The same dose should also drop the pillow.

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