Want To Quit Smoking? This Herb Instantly Destroys Your Desire For Nicotine (And How To Grow It)

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Many people all over the world are addicted to smoking since cigarettes contain a chemical called nicotine which causes addiction. The more you smoke, the more nicotine you need in order to function properly, which is why it is very difficult for people to quit smoking.

People crave nicotin and become anxious and restless once their body fails to get the needed nicotine. Even though physical symptoms may dissapear after several days, the cravings tend to stay for longer period of time.


In this article we will present you the best natural product that will help you quit smoking. Stevia is the most effective herb that it is know to destry cigarette cravings.


German researchers conducted a study which showed that Stevia has the ability to cure cigarette and alcohol addiction. It works in a way that it blocks the cravings signals which the body is trying to send, and as a result, it helps overcome cravings much easier.

In order to use it as an anti-smoking therapy, all you have to do is to apply a few drops of Stevia on the tongue each time you feel the urge to smoke. This will kill any craving for a cigarette for sure. The best part is that Stevia is available in both powdered and liquid form in all health food stores and bigger supermarkets.

Beside being great for reducing cravings, it is also extremely beneficial tool against hypertension, obesity and diabetes. Stevia si added in many skin care products as well since it has the ability to nourish, tighten, and smoothen the skin. It is effective in treating acne and dermatitis, too.


In order to thrive, Stevia requires warm areas. However, it can survive the winter in zones 9 and warmer and it re-appears in spring.

If you want to grow your own Stevia, you should use at least 12-inch pot with high-quality soil to plant it. After that, make sure to place it in well-lit area and when you feel the top of the potting soils dry to the touch, you should water it.


Stevia will grow up to 3 meters in heigh if it is planted in loamy, loose and well-drained soil. You should make sure that all danger of frost has passed before planting it. You should use Vegetable Plant food or Bonnie Herb in order to feed the soil and mulch to prevent the plant from drying out during the hot summer days.


In order to prevent its root from rotting, make sure that Stevia plant has a proper drainage.


When the plant blooms, you should trim the flowers so that the plant can grow more leaves. During autumn season, Stevia bears white flowers and as a result it offers fewer good leaves for harvest. In order to encourage the growth of more leaves, you must trim off the blooms.

At the end of fall, Stevia’s leaves are sweetest and the best way to make Stevia convenient to use is to dry them out. Cut the stems and then strip the leaves.   Spread them over woven fabric or outdoors.

You should only leave them one day to dry and then move them inside before the dew dampens on them. When the leaves are completely dry, you can crush them or use a food processor to grind them. In the end, store it in an airtight container and use to sweeten foods and beverages.


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