Ways To Deal With Bloating From Water Weight Gain

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If you ever step on the scale and you notice that your weight has gone up 5 pounds, you don’t have to worry because it not about weight gain, but the reason why you have 5 more pounds is due to water retention.


Most commonly water retention affect pregnant women, inactive individuals and individuals on medications. Accoridng to Healthy Food House, swelling and weight gain are a result of water retention. Luckily, researchers know what causes water retention and they have a few tips for how you can drop the water weight with a few simple changes in your routine.

Cause: Too much sodium

The consumption of too much salt causes water retention, especially if you aren’t drinking enough water in order to flush salt out of your system. For instance, if you consume a lot of salt, your body will retain water in order to help maintain a natural balance. Moreover, diet high in sodium can results in water cells that are enlarged by 20 times.

Solution: Eat less processed food

All you have to do is to replce processed foods with natural foods. Make sure to eliminate boxed pastas, soups and canned vegetables since they contain great amounts of sodium. Instead you shoul consume more frozen or fresh vegetables and low-sodium soups ans sauces.

Another thing that will help you is to replace your traditional table salt with Celtic sea salt or Himalayan salt, since these 2 types of salt help reduce water retention.

Cause: Dehydration

We all know that in order to survive, we need water. So, when you don’t drink enough water, your body fights back to ensure you have enough water in your system to survive. Most people around you don’t drink enough water.

Remedy: Drink more water

In order for your body to function properly, you need to intake at least 8-ounce (240ml) glasses of water on a daily basis. According to some health experts, you need tod rink half your body weight in water. However, if you find drinking too much water hard, then you should try adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet.

Cause: Magnesium deficiency

Lack of magnesium in your body is another cause for water retention. Magnesium is needed in your body since it is used in almost all of its processes. When you don’t have enough magnesium, your body can’t function properly which results in water retention.

Remedy: Eat foods high in magnesium

You need to incorporate more foods that contain magnesium in your diet such as nuts, whole grains, dark greens, yogurt, avodacos, etc. beside being high in magnesium, these foods offer plenty of other health benefits too.

As we previously mentioned, water retention does affect the number on your scale, but it can also be a sign that you should make other lifestyle changes. You definitely need to start drinking more water because it will help you feel more energized, improve your quality of sleep and will help you with your weight. Moreover, eating more vegetables and fruits along with drinking a lot of water will help your body function properly, so that it doesn’t need to hold onto excess water. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses a day.


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