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They thyroid gland resembles a factory which uses iodine in order to produce thyroid hormones that regulate the metabolism, promote growth and affect other important body functions. Its work can be influenced by other factors that may trigger different problems, specifically the instance of thyroid disease is working close to the epidemic in our country, and the most affected are women.

If we minimize our exposure to toxic compounds we can reduce the risk of developing complications. Many of these compounds are common in our homes and we use them on regular basis and can affect our thyroid gland.

  • Pesticides – 60% of the daily used pesticides can affect the production of hormones from the thyroid. Along with weed killer, pesticides are powerful enough to reduce the function and increase the resistance to weight loss.
  • Soybeans – the protein of soy can neutralize thyroid peroxide as they contain phytoestrogens that disrupt the function of the glands while they block the thyroid hormone secretion as well as the body’s power to use iodine.
  • Fluoride – in order to deal with hyperthyroidism fluoride was prescribed in small proportions of 2-3 mg daily for a period of 1 month during the first half of the 20th Moreover, almost 70% of the US water supply contains fluoride that assist in preventing dental cavities.
  • Plastic – it is dangerous for the whole body as the plastic bottles release a chemical named antimony. A study from the University of Copenhagen discovered that the antimony found in juices in plastic bottle were 2.5% increased he level considered as safe. Phthalates and BPA also reduce the function of the thyroid significantly.
  • Halogens – hey include chloride and fluoride that prevent the normal function of the thyroid gland. If there is over-exposure to halogens it can result in interruption of iodine transportation which ae absorbed through meals, water, and the environment.
  • Bromine – it is present in pool cleaner, meals, and many more. It can be very toxic to the thyroid. Healthy patients can even have increased levels of this substance in their bodies.
  • Perchlorate – this is a waste produced by rocket fuel and jets and CDC found it in water which has been used for fruits and vegetables, as well as in drinking water. We are all exposed to this harmful influence.

This recipe will help you fight off thyroid conditions and enhance your whole body.


  • 7 glasses of purified water;
  • ¼ tbsp. of ground nutmeg;
  • 1 glass of 100% cranberry juice;
  • ¼ tbsp. of ground ginger;
  • ¼ glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice (1-2 lemons);
  • ½ tbsp. of ground cinnamon;
  • ¾ glass of freshly squeezed orange juice (3 oranges).

How to prepare it: pour the water in a pot and let it boil. Lower the heat and add the ginger, cranberry juice, cinnamon, and the nutmeg while stirring. Let the combination simmer for more than 20 minutes. After this, let it cool don at a room temperature and then add the orange juice, lemon juice, and some ice cubes. Drink and enjoy.




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