What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has at Home – But Nobody Uses It!

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Everyone loves coffee right? The steaming cup of dark gold is often the reason we get out of bed, and there are almost no people on the planet which don’t enjoy a cuppa joe at least once in a day. However, when we’re done with our cup of coffee, we often throw the remains from the bottom not knowing that they can be extremely useful for a lot of things. Continue reading the article to learn some unique ways of using coffee grounds every day!

  1. Cellulite remedy

Coffee grounds are a great cellulite remedy, which is why coffee is used in many expensive cellulite treatments. Mix some olive oil and dry coffee grounds to create a powerful and cheap natural cellulite remedy which will work even better than commercial cellulite products and treatments.

  1. Soap

Coffee is an excellent soap alternative due to the great firming effects it has on the skin, which provide a peeling effect and clean your skin spotless.

  1. Hair

The nutrient-rich coffee grounds can revitalize your hair, although this applies only to dark hair types.

  1. Bags under the eyes

Use coffee grounds to reduce the dark bags under the eyes by applying a mixture of dry coffee ground and some olive oil. Used coffee pads can also help you in this case.

  1. Odor absorber

Put a cup of coffee grounds in your fridge to absorb any odor coming from it.

  1. Grill rust

No one likes to clean the grill after making barbecue, but thanks to coffee grounds you can now clean the grill easily and effectively. Put some of the grounds on a sponge and rub the grill, then rinse with warm water in the end. Voila! Your grill is now cleaner than ever!

  1. Abrasive agent

Coffee grounds are an excellent alternative to the chemical-laden cleaners, with the micro grains being very effective for cleaning pans, pots and various surfaces. This is a nice trick which will save you a lot of money and time.

  1. Ant repellent

Put some coffee grounds in areas frequented by ants to repel the insects. When they smell coffee, their vision gets blurred and they cannot find their way back to their colony.

  1. Flea repellent

If your dog has fleas, rub some coffee grounds into your dog’s skin and fur the fleas will soon be gone. Plus, the coffee will make your dog smell great!

  1. Against wasps

Put some coffee grounds in a fire-safe jar and light it with a match to make it steam. This will get rid of wasps in seconds, as they have a sniffy reaction to the smell of coffee.

  1. Against snails

Put some coffee grounds across the soil in your garden, and snails will start avoiding your plants immediately.

  1. Cat fright

Sprinkle some coffee grounds on your porch and around your house to keep stray cats away from your place.

  1. Fertilizer

Coffee grounds are an excellent fertilizer thanks to the high amount of potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. These nutrients will help your plants grow big and healthy, which is why you should use coffee as a natural fertilizer.


Source :naturalhealingmagazine.net

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