What Your Nails Can Say About Your Health? Find Out Here!

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You should definitely try to pay more attention to your nails because they can reveal clues to your overall health. For instance, if you notice rosy tinge or some rippling or bumps on your nails, you should definitely consult your health care provider since they can be signs for certain diseases in your body. Your nails can indicate problems with your liver, lungs and heart.


Brittle nails

If you notice that your nails are becoming thiner and are exfoliating, it means that you are defficient in iron. On the other hand, if your nails are hard but are easy to break, it means that you are dehydrated. Moreover it could also be a symptom of slowed down work of the thyroid gland, especially if your hair is thinning and it is dry.

Vertical lines

As we grow old, vertical lines appear on our nails which is normal. It means that the root of the nails is getting dry with years which is the main cuase of the appearance of the lines.

Horizontal lines

Constant stress can cause deep horizontal lines which are spreading throguh the center of the healthy nail.

Bluish nails

If  you notice the meat under the nails is getting blue, you should consult your doctor since this is a sign that your fingers are not getting enough oxygen through blood. Moreover, it indicates that you are dealing with poor circulation in arms and legs, and your lungs are not supplying enough oxygen in your blood. If you experience this problem, it means that you probably have some lung or heart issue.

Dark nails

Don’t panic if you notice  dark nails on your hands since it could be genetically inherited or just a harmless pigment change, similar as the freckles. On the other hand, if you notice a dark line along the whole nail and if the color changes, it means that you are dealing with some serious health issues like melanoma. Since it could be also a nail fungus, you should consult the dermatologist for precise diagnose.

White nails

White nails usually point to liver disease, but it can also be sign of many other bad conditions. Make sure to consult your doctor immediately if you notice this problem.

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