When doctors started to giving birth they were shocked. Instead of baby pulled…

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The pain that she felt has caused by a tumor in the uterus which was difficult incredible five kilograms…

Madalina Neagu from Romania thought that was pregnant and that it has started childbirth. Immediately went to the hospital. When they arrived, the doctors have made a quick test and realized that she is not pregnant.

Namely, the pain that she felt was caused by a tumor in the uterus that was a heavy incredible five kilograms. Dr. Dorian said that in the beginning thought that came to complications in pregnancy, because the patient herself told she was pregnant. “Her stomach was very similar to that women have in the ninth month of pregnancy and really have no reason to believe that that is the case,” he said.

Urgently was taken to the surgery that had lasted several hours, and now her doctors expect a full recovery, in spite of her tumor. “It’s rarely seen such a tumor size of this place. Of course, this is the biggest tumor I’ve seen, which means it is the biggest in the region in the past 15 years, “concluded the doctor.

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