WOMEN NEED TO KNOW THIS:There are Deadly Bacteria and Even Traces of Feces in Your Bags!

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This is for all women around the world – the next time you reach in your purse to take out your phone or something else, you should know what kind of dangers are hidden inside your purse. The medical experts warn us that some of the can be even fatal. A group of medical experts have taken some samples from different women’s bags. And what they’ve found is shocking – they’ve found traces of E. coli, other harmful bacteria, and even traces of feces were found. You should also know that all of these were also found at the bottom of laptop bags and gym bags.

The medical experts have found bacteria that can be used to poison our food. This can be very dangerous. As we said before, the medical experts have found E. coli and fecal streptococci, which can cause pneumonia and bacterial meningitis. This study also dealt with the bad habits of the women who had these bags. They’ve found that more than 33% of these women have never cleaned their bags. And, they’ve also found that men are not much better. Almost 28% of men didn’t want to clean their bags. Many of the participants also admitted that they war dirty underwear. And this is shocking – one fifth of the respondents are chewing gums that are found on the bottom of the bad. The medical experts cleaned the gum from hair and dust, before they test it.

Well, to be honest with you – this is really shocking. You just need 5 minutes from your time to clean your purse. Now, share this article, and then you need to get up and clean your purse. Thank you for reading and take care.


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