You suffer from anemia, or playing sports and you need protein bomb – Red Lens


This is extremely useful food has an incredible 26 grams of protein at 100 grams of food!




It contains about 350 calories, quality carbohydrates which have part in dissolving cholesterol, rich whit  fibers why  facilitate digestion. Fat has only 1 gram of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Rich whit iron and is a solution for people who suffer from iron deficiency anemia, and for women who do sport and are prone to anemia. Rich whit magnesium and vitamins,  containing folic acid, which makes it excellent for consumption by pregnant women.

Fast preparation is ready for 15 minutes; it is nice to be combined with garlic and carrots. Red Lens in composition is the best one in relation to other types of lenses, as well as a quick and tasty lunch.

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