Your nails are your warning: Here’s how you nails can help you save!

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Your nails can be a warning to some serious health problems.

Color, irregularities, stains, the thickness of nails, cracked nails – all these phenomena may be a warning to some inner health problems, says
Five emergencies of the nails that warn of a dangerous disease which, if recognized in time can and to save you …

1.Ink nails:

Healthy nails should be pink and white with a white crescent at the base of the nail.

Green nails are a sign of a bacterial infection. Red streaks on the nails are a sign of heart valve infection.

Bluish nails show that you lack oxygen in the blood. Lifeless nails are a sign of a lack of vitamins. White nails warn you that you may have liver problems. Dark spots on the top of the nails are a sign of aging and possible heart failure.

2. Thick nails:

Thick nails with ridges may indicate a yeast infection, a split nail, cracked in the middle, can mean problems with the thyroid and psoriasis. Unusually thick nails can be the result of poor circulation.

3. Cracked nails:

Browsing the nail and regularly shooting resulted from a lack of folic acid, vitamin C, and protein.

Psoriasis in 10 percent of cases starts in the nails if your nails break and roots have stains – white. Browsing the nails used to be associated with chronic malnutrition.

4. Spoon-shaped nails:

If your nails are curved outwards and form a shape that reminds of a spoon it that are still thin, it can be a sign of iron deficiency, or too much iron, or heart disease.

5. Furrows on the nails:

These unpleasant occurrences can indicate psoriasis, or autoimmune disease alopecia areata that causes hair loss.


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