You’re The One Who’s Ruining Your Kidneys! 10 Habits You Should Change

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Some people have adopted a lifestyle with which they feel comfortable and are so accustomed to certain habits that have not stopped to think the damage that this is causing their health. Many of us have some habits too ingrained to perceive how harmful they are. We will point out some of your habits that may be part of your routine and that are punctually damaging your kidneys in addition to other organs of your body.

Pay attention to these different ways to damage your kidneys that you should stop doing as soon as possible and change to another healthier habit that results in a general benefit for your body.

1) Tobacco and alcohol, bad combination:

We have known for many years that tobacco has no benefit but rather the opposite. There are many consequences of cigarette smoking, causing diseases as well as damaging the skin, staining the teeth; among other. If we add that excessive consumption of alcohol we have a cocktail lethal for the health of our kidneys. These are responsible for filtering the toxic substances that enter our body but when they are too many, these organs become saturated and can not process so much harmful element; Consequently, the kidneys are damaged.

2) Excess caffeine:

Caffeinated coffee or beverages can have a positive impact on our body but as all things when we exceed our organs they resent. This is the case of the kidneys that must work in excess to filter large amounts of caffeine that in addition to inhibiting sleep and not letting you rest properly at night also has important diuretic properties that dehydrate your body.

3) Little rest:

The tissue of the kidneys is revitalized precisely at night when the body is at rest and resting. If we do not get enough sleep this regeneration is not performed correctly and leads to renal malfunction.

4) Lack of  Vitamin B6:

Vitamin B6 is found mainly in birds, fish and fruits (except citrus). This vitamin is essential for the proper functioning of the kidney and it is advised to vary the consumption of these foods daily.

5) Sedentary life:

Both the sedentary life in general and having a work activity that does not allow you to move for hours stagnates the correct functioning of the kidney. To maintain fluid blood flow, it is necessary that once at a time you make some movement to move from one place to another, walk for five minutes or do some kind of light exercise.

6) Irregular bladder emptying:

Holding urine in the bladder for a long time is one of the worst habits we can adopt and is something that women do. This bad habit can lead to incontinence and kidney failure over time. As soon as you have the urge to urinate do not waste time holding liquids.

7) Excess sodium:

The main way to consume sodium is through the salt that we incorporate into food and as we know that generates complications in the body. What would you say if we told you that the recommended dose of salt for an adult is 5 g? Surely it would seem to you very little and it is probable that at this moment you are calculating that daily you consume much more than that. This is not good for general health, let alone for the kidneys. Reduce salt intake as soon as possible!

8) Uncontrolled diets:

It is common to find in diets that promise a rapid and safe weight loss and this is likely to be, but what is also likely is that these diets are not providing the necessary nutrients and this lack of nutrients suffers health Of the kidneys.

9) Excess protein:

Proteins are needed just like vitamins and fiber, but when consumed excessively they are usually deposited in the kidneys and over time generate stones. This breakdown of the proteins that the kidney must perform saturates the organs and recharges their work.

10) Poor water intake:

More than 60% of the human body is composed of water. Even our own bones are made of water, so it is important to be aware of the importance of consuming water because this is effective and has a direct impact on the kidneys. Water serves to remove impurities, be hydrated, lose weight, satiety, improve brain function and improve our skin among many other things.

Our health is almost always in our hands. Being informed about what benefits us as well as what damages us is our responsibility. Pay attention to these indicators and think if you are falling in excess in any of them; This could be seriously damaging your kidneys.

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