January 3, 2023

Is It Better To Get Braces Before Dental Implants?


Should you get braces before implants? Following orthodontic treatments, implant placement is the most common form of treatment. There are several causes for this. Dental implants cannot move after they are in the jaw, and osseointegration has taken place, first and foremost. In contrast to natural teeth, they won’t move in response to orthodontic therapy. Suppose the teeth around the implant need to be moved. In that case, it is preferable to have the implant placed after Affordable Braces change the surrounding teeth to their proper places.

What dental conditions can affect the ability to get braces?

The decision to acquire braces is usually simple since you have a dental problem that braces can fix. Dentists provide a range of options to match your specific needs. However, some patients are concerned about the effects of adding props because their mouths have already undergone dental repair. That is undoubtedly a valid question because they want to maintain the investment they have already made and maximize the work that has already been done.

Patients with dental implants, crowns, and veneers are the ones who express this worry the most frequently. They question whether getting braces is a bright idea or if they should leave their mouths as they are. Although every case is unique, and an orthodontist miami fl will only offer a suggestion after carefully examining your tooth, jaw, and gum anatomy, we have various alternatives available that can assist you in wearing braces.

Braces with dental crowns

A “fake” tooth covers an existing tooth’s base, a crown made of ceramic, porcelain, gold, or other material. They are frequently affixed to teeth with cracks, chips, or breaks. Under the gum line, the original tooth structure is still movable with braces. If you already have a crown, we can put braces over it and avoid damaging the crown by using a different kind of glue to attach the braces.

Again, since Invisalign transparent aligners don’t need any adhesive, using them in this situation may be beneficial. In some circumstances, we could advise delaying the placement of any crowns in your mouth until after the course of braces has been finished. Your newly corrected teeth will look even more consistent due to this.

Braces with dental implants

According to a good orthodontist for braces, In contrast to dental crowns, which only cover the visible portion of the tooth. Dental implants affect the tooth’s root structure and are used to replace teeth that have been badly damaged or lost. An implanted titanium post is put directly into your jawbone to replace the missing tooth structure. Then, a crown is placed on this post to replicate the appearance of your natural tooth.

Although the fact that the post is placed into the jaw means that it is immobile when it comes to braces, this does not preclude you from getting braces. Before placing the implants, Adult Orthodontics Near Me can work with you to reposition the neighboring teeth while providing room for your new implant.


The above information helps us understand more about dental braces. The above information answers why we should get braces before implants. For more details, please visit orthodontistbrace.com.