February 4, 2023

What Are Dental Maryland Bridges, And What Are The Pros Of The Treatment?


A Maryland bridge is also termed a resin-bonded fixed partial denture. In simpler terms, we can also describe the Maryland Bridges are the type of tooth implantation that includes inserting the false tooth and attaching with the metal string on either side of the tooth.

Like a traditional bridge, it consists of a floating tooth to take over from the missing one, but it uniquely adheres to the adjacent teeth. In lieu of fully covering the teeth next to the out space with crowns, this device ties to the existing teeth using a metal framework. Before opting for this method, the dentist needs to ensure that the tooth on either side of the bridge is intense and bearable enough to hold the power of the metal strings.

The appearance of a Dentist Houston TX is like a flying bat, with the artificial tooth in the core and the two wings getting a hold on either side to bond to the tongue side of the supporting teeth. Since the bridge does not thoroughly overture the fencing teeth, it offers a more conservative approach than other tooth replacements conventional.

The treatment of dental bridges in huston has a specialized team of dentists to provide the patient with the utmost care treatment. Materials used in these bridges traditionally combine metal and dental ceramic, making the false tooth easily fit in. The metal part ensures that it has heavy support on the sides of those teeth, and the metal forms the robust configuration and wings of the bridge. At the same time, the floating tooth that explains (teeth that have lost their supporting alveolar bone)  is the creation of ceramic to amalgamate with your existing teeth.

Supremacy of having Maryland Dental Bridges:

  • Minimal tooth structure needs to be removed.
  • Abutment teeth are not damaged; they are left intact.
  • Less periodontal annoyance results in comparison with the conventional bridge.
  • Because of the conservative nature of the preparation, the potential for pulpal trauma is minimized.
  • Anesthesia is often unnecessary to prepare the teeth.

Noticeable Difference between Traditional and Maryland Bridges:









Number of Missing Teeth

● Maryland bridges are at higher risk of failure or loss if used to replace several missing teeth in a row. ● Preferred when a long bridge is required to restore more than one missing tooth.






Adjacent Teeth

● Maryland bridges take up a relatively more minor area than adjacent teeth on the lingual side (inner side).


● Require the exclusive compass of the adjacent teeth to support the bridge.




Back vs.Front Teeth

● Maryland bridge dental can replace front teeth with good esthetics evade for back teeth, where the masticatory forces (while chewing) are substantially high. ● Traditional bridges can replace both front and back missing teeth with good strength and fantastic support.


Tooth Preparation


●  Minimal trimming or preparation is required.

●  More capacious tooth preparation or trimming of the adjacent teeth is required.





In the concluding paragraph of this article, we can relate the points about the treatment and its advances. The Maryland bridge has been successful and has been used in dentistry for more than 30 years. The quality and design of the bridge have been proven successful both as a transitional and permanent prosthesis. It can last more than ten years if one takes appropriate care of it and maintains a good hygiene regime.

We also state the steps to maintain and sanitize the bridge, just like the natural teeth. It is essential to keep and maintain your bridge clean. If the wings on the assisting teeth flatter loose, plaque can be found under the metal, leading to cavities. Apart from this, maintain a rigorous oral hygiene routine of twice-daily brushing and flossing to minimize tooth decay risk. The patient must make sure they visit the dentist regularly for regular checkups. In addition, if you suspect something’s wrong with your device, see your dentist so that they can examine if your bridge needs repairs.

This treatment can be the best option for all those who want to invest in the perfect toothy therapy and want to implant a fake tooth in place of the missing one. This is the cost-effective way of considering the factor that can help boost confidence and keep the sparkling smile alive.

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