April 11, 2023

What Are Some Of The Effects Of Invisalign?


Invisalign is full of benefits, but there are some minor side effects that you may face during treatment time. These effects are not scary; you can quickly go through them once you get used to them. Also, remember that these small hurdles will change your smile forever and give you the smile and teeth you wished.

The results of invisible braces will surely make your smile double. Once you get used to the invisible braces, you will enjoy the benefits of it, and also there are likely some adjustments that you will need to get used to.

Everything has some side effects, and that is common. You can ask the orthodontic specialists of Florida about the minor changes before the treatment begins.

Here are some common side effects you may experience during the invisible aligners treatment.

●    Pain or Discomfort

Pain and discomfort which is common in every type of treatment. Invisalign is also one of them, you will feel pain and discomfort for a few days, but soon you will get used to it.

Pain and discomfort after beginning your Invisalign treatment are common; it shows that your clear aligners are working correctly. The pain causes because clear aligners are shifting your teeth to their original place. You may feel soreness and pain, but it is worth it.

The soreness will go on within one or two days. You should feel happy that your teeth are aligning, and you will get a brand-new smile.

●    Issues With Fit

When you begin wearing a new set of aligners, they may sometimes need more adjustments. This happens because of the differences in each set of Impressions aligners, which are sent to you all at once but changed weekly, stimulating a change in the shape of your teeth. If your Invisalign is not well fitting, consider using chewies to help get them on.

●    Change to Your Bite

Teeth straightening will do some changes to your bite, and that is natural. Your bites will shift to where they should be. Teeth misalignment causes bite problems; when Invisalign aligns your teeth, your bites move too. So you will experience a slight bite change discomfort; if the pain worsens, you can immediately call braces Hollywood fl orthodontist for help.

●    Bad Breath

Bad breath is one problem with aligners as your teeth are trapped with aligners, and no passing of air and food can stick in it, so that may cause bad breath.

Tips: remove your aligners when you eat or drink something, brush your teeth after eating your food and before placing aligners, also wash your aligners before placing them again in your mouth. Keep your aligners and mouth clean to avoid bad breath. Ask your braces near me for any rinser to prevent bad breath.

●    Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth is included in the process. When your aligners are placed in the mouth, your mouth becomes dry. This is common as when something is kept in your mouth all day, your mouth naturally dries out.

So drink lots of water and stay hydrated; keep a lip balm with yourself; your lips may dry out because of the Invisalign.

In Conclusion:

You get a beautiful smile and confidence with clear aligners. If you have any problem or experience pain, call Invisalign North Miami dentist and discuss your problems. Book an appointment now!