March 4, 2023

What Are The Common Dental Crown Problems And Solutions?


Do you need a dental crown to cover your cosmetic issues? A dental crown can be the perfect solution to all your cosmetic problems if your teeth have suffered from dental decay, trauma, or root canal treatment.

A crown is a dental prosthetic covering a tooth to conceal its faults or protect it from further damage if it goes through trauma. It is typically made of porcelain material, strengthening teeth that may have been damaged.

With the help of the crown, you can improve the appearance, shape, and alignment of your teeth. A dental crown is durable, but if you take proper care, your crowns may last for a long time. Therefore, follow your dentists newnan instructions.

The procedure is painless, and the dentist will first prepare the tooth for the crown. Your dentist will shave off a small portion of the tooth and then takes the impression of the tooth to design the crown. Once the crown is ready, the dentist will cement it on your tooth and fix it.

Common Dental Crown Problems And Solutions.

A crown is the best solution for many problems, but it does need proper care to eliminate the problems caused by a crown. These are several issues that you may experience with your dental crown, including:

Discomfort Or Sensitivity:

Experiencing a little discomfort or sensitivity after the procedure as the numbness fades is common. If your crowned tooth still has a nerve, you may experience heat and cold sensitivity.

Talk to your dentist, who may recommend brushing your teeth with sensitivity-control toothpaste. Usually, the pain or sensitivity in your crowned tooth happens because the crown is too high on the tooth. Your dentist must check your crown margin and the tooth’s nerve. If this is the case, call your peachtree dental care.

Chipped Crown:

Crowns created with porcelain can sometimes chip due to unhealthy habits like biting nails or using your teeth as an opener. Sometimes it may happen due to any happening.

Visit your dentist, and if the chip can be repaired, your dentist will fix it, and the crown remains in your mouth until the chip is significant or if there are too many chips in the crown.

Loose Crown:

The loose crown is a common problem, usually when the cement under the tooth crown washes away. This can be risky as the bacteria can attack the tooth, causing decay.

If your crown becomes loose, contact your dentist at peachtree city.

Allergic Reaction:

Crowns are made of certain types of metals, and you may be allergic to the material. But this is a rare case. If you have an allergic reaction, talk to your dentist in peachtree city ga.

In Conclusion:

See your dentist regularly and have routine checkups and cleanings every six months to lower the risk of oral disease. Your dentist will check the surrounding of the crowned tooth is healthy. To learn more about porcelain crowns, or if you are willing to have a dental crown, talk to newnan dentistry. Book an appointment now!