April 27, 2023

What Are The Myths Related To LANAP Procedure?


The laser-assisted new attachment technique (LANAP) is a laser-based treatment for periodic illness. This treatment does away with sutures and incisions to ensure accuracy and efficiency. The LANAP eliminates the discomfort brought on by scalpels when removing gum tissues. If you plan to get a laser treatment for your gums, reading this article will be a terrific first step towards a favorable outcome. We shall learn about the LANAP Procedure misconceptions in this article.

Therefore, read on to learn more.

Who is a LANAP candidate?

Suppose you have periodontitis or other severe gum diseases like gingivitis. In case you have discomfort when brushing due to signs like bleeding gums, redness, or puffy gums. If your situation is similar to this one, make an appointment at an emergency dental clinic near me in Houston, TX.

What Steps Make Up a LANAP Procedure?

Traditional gum surgery is no longer practiced. Your periodontist will employ the Laser-assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) to target and remove unhealthy tissue. This eliminates the need for scalpels and the agonizing removal of gum tissue. In contrast, the LANAP procedure near me in Houston, TX, offers a far less intrusive process and quicker recovery by providing.


During the whole procedure, your medical specialist will: 

  • Feel your gums to establish the extent of therapy required for each tooth.
  • Use a laser to burst the pathogenic microorganisms essentially.
  • Use ultrasonic scalers and other tools to eliminate tartar that causes illness.
  • Activate the laser once more to reattach the root to the gum tissue.
  • Further, inhibit the development of new tartar, and grind down a portion of the tooth (occlusal correction).

After the procedure, LANAP Dentist Near Me in Houston, TX, will also call you for a regular checkup to diagnose the after-surgery progress.

Now, let’s discuss the myths that are related to LANAP Surgery :

Several myths about LANAP can make you doubt the effectiveness of the treatment.

Here they are so you can avoid them:

Myth: The LANAP procedure can be carried out by any dentist.

LANAP lasers can only be used on patients by licensed, trained periodontists and dentists. Dentists inform and direct other dentists in the technique under strict guidelines and close supervision. They are given a LANAP competency certificate after the session.

Myth: The cost of LANAP

LANAP costs about $2650 in most situations, comparable to regular gum surgery. Additionally, the money lost during the recuperation phases associated with conventional gum surgery may make LANAP a more affordable choice.

Myth: LANAP procedures are not covered by insurance.

Most insurance companies offer LANAP coverage. However, you must contact your insurance company to review your coverage and any deductible.

Myth: LANAP can be performed with any laser.

Different lasers have varying effects. Only the infected gums are the focus of this laser’s destruction of harmful germs while protecting healthy tissue. This method prohibits the use of any other laser.

Conclusion :

We hope you liked the article and know about the LANAP treatment correctly.

By the end of this article, we would like to state that.

Always remember any medical procedure carries specific inherent hazards. Before your lanap surgery near me in Houston, 77079, the healthcare provider will review things with you so that you are fully informed.

However, LANAP employs a safe, FDA-approved laser that only involves dangerous germs; radiation exposure or drug interactions are not a significant concern. Before the surgery, you might need X-rays, but the danger is negligible.

So, what are you waiting for?

Fix your appointment with the walk in dental clinic near me in Houston, 77079, and get the diagnosis on time to cure this without any further wait.