May 4, 2023

What Are The Symptoms Of Back Pain?


Back pain is one of the common health issues that most people experience in their life. The chances of happening back pain due to a sudden accident, sleep disc, heavy lifting, fractures, muscle strains, trauma, and sitting in one place for a long. There are more likely to develop back pain in old age people because of degenerative changes in the spines. In some cases, back pain can cause due to arthritis disorders or medical conditions.

Back pain treatment may vary depending on the patient’s symptoms, causes, and overall health condition.

What Are Signs of Back Pain?

If back pain worsens your life, such as shooting, burning, stabbing sensation, and muscle aching, that impact daily routine activities. Let’s have a quick view of the symptoms of back pain. The power of tolerating and treatment of back pain may vary from person to person depending on the severity, causes, and location of your back pain.

  1. Heavy Lifting and Bending
  2. Unbearable pain while resting, sleeping, or standing
  3. Awake with stiffness in the morning which reduces gradually with other activities.
  4. Pain spreads to other body parts, including the buttocks, legs, or thighs.
  5. Pain comes and goes automatically.
  6. You might deal with pain in your legs or feet due to numbness and tingling
  7. Fever
  8. Reduce excessive weight.

Who is More Likely To Gets Back Pain?

We know that back pain is a common health issue that can be happened to anyone, and most people are affected by back pain at some point during their journey in life. However, therapies such as occupational, physiotherapy, and talking are conducted at the back pain relief center under the supervision of a qualified therapist. We have listed various factors that enhance the chances of developing back pain which is as follows:-


Back pain is quite a common health issue more likely to develop in people who are not healthy and physically fit. Let’s understand, for example, a weak stomach and muscles unable to support the spine. Conversely, back pain may occur among people who have done too much physical activity even after being inactive.

Weight gain

Consumption of high-diet calories combined with an unhealthy lifestyle is likely to develop obesity; thus, it can put pressure on the backside.


Heredity is a common cause of back pain as it comes from the genes of the family history.

Back Pain

Back pain is common in older people, especially after age 45.


People with heavy lifting, twisting, pulling, or pushing jobs will likely develop back pain.

Stress Level

If you have any chronic disease or dealing with depression, poor sleep, anxiety, and back can lead to severe back pain.


If you suffer from severe back pain, test or try all effective home remedies to lessen the pain. You must follow a proper back pain treatment recommended by a specialist; if it continues for long, untreated can affect or develop other health conditions.

Exercise, painkillers, therapies, and surgeries are some common effective treatments for back pain that helps to reduce pain. One should follow the advice of a back pain doctor woodland park to get the proper treatment for back pain without any difficulties.