May 5, 2023

What is the procedure for dental bonding?


Dental bonding is a popular procedure that dentists use to add volume to your teeth to give them shape, size, and appearance like the other teeth. The bonding material is put on your teeth and bonds to the teeth. The bonding material is tooth-colored, so it will match your teeth’ color and improve their appearance.

Teeth bonding near me in Houston is used to make cosmetic improvements to your smile. Your dentist may numb your tooth before putting the bonding material to make you feel comfortable during the procedure.

Dental Bonding Procedure:

The cosmetic dental bonding near me in Houston is the procedure that hides your minor dental flaws and enhances your smile. Also, bonding is fully reversible. Let’s see what the dental bonding procedure is:

Pick a color.

Your dentist’s office, open on saturday in Houston, will choose a composite resin material that closely resembles the color of your natural teeth using a shade guide.

Get your teeth ready.

Your dentist will roughen your tooth surface and applies a liquid conditioner. These actions aid in the bonding substance’s bonding to your tooth.

Use the composite resin material.

The dentist applies the resin material and mold and smoothens the tooth to get the desired shape and size.

Cure the substance.

The dentist then bonds the composite resin to the tooth’s surface by hardening it with a specialized curing light.

Shine up the tooth.

Finally, your dentist will do some final touches up to the teeth. Make some adjustments and polish your tooth to give it a natural glow. Each tooth takes between 30 and 60 minutes to finish the operation.

Is dental bonding hurt?

Dental bonding is not painful because your dentist may numb your teeth before starting the procedure.

Also, your dnetist will not work nearby the pain-sensing nerve. Anesthesia is not essential in every case. Some people experience sensitivity after dental bonding, which fades away in a few hours. Your dentist near me open in Houston will provide some OTC pain relievers to ease the pain or discomfort.

How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

The longevity of your bonding will primarily depend on how well you care for them and your mouth. The expected lifespan of bonding materials is three to ten years. Your dentist will need to take action to restore or maintain the damaged areas once this period has passed.

Your bonded teeth don’t require special maintenance. Still, you should be particularly mindful of your oral hygiene and dental health to prolong the life of your dental bonding. You can ask your dentist for tooth bonding before and after pictures.

Following these steps can help you properly take care of your dental bonding: 

  • It’s best not to chew on ice or non-food things like pens, pencils, or fingernails.
  • Use dental floss, a flossing tool, or an interdental brush to brush your teeth daily.
  • Brush your teeth twice daily for two minutes in a gentle manner.
  • You should use fluoride-containing non-abrasive toothpaste while brushing your teeth. Also, make sure to use a soft-bristle brush.
  • Avoid eating unhealthy food; eat a balanced diet and avoid acidic foods and drinks.
  • Don’t use tobacco products, and avoid smoking.
  • Don’t eat or drink foods that can stain or discolor your teeth or bonding material.
  • Wear night guards if you have a habit of teeth grinding, or you may break your bond.

In Conclusion:

Visit your dental professional regularly to keep a check on your oral health. Book an appointment now with your dentist, and consider discussing the dental bonding cost in Houston.