May 22, 2023

What is Tooth Filling, and how is it performed?


Fillings treat tooth decay and prevent tooth loss and damage, also the probability of infection and pain. A cracked tooth filling packs a cavity or hole.

A hole filled can perform no comfort, but it will not permit the pain to enter. Individuals who feel severe or moderate irritation and discomfort after or during the process should keep their doctor know.

Types of tooth feelings

There are some types of tooth feelings which include:

  • Amalgam’s fillings are a silver combination of distinct materials like mercury, tin, or copper. These fillings can be extra accurate for behind molars. The metal is reliable and exists for extended periods.
  • The material of composite fillings is teeth dyed and contains glass and resin.
  • The glass ionomer material is also tooth dyed and created of glass power, creating a bond with the teeth. These types of fillings generate fluids to support the prevention of tooth decay.
  • The material of Gold fillings is a metal of gold, copper, alloy, and other materials. These fillings are the most reliable and durable, lasting over 20 years.

Glass ionomer and composite fillings based on the resin are comparatively less reliable than amalgam dental filling. They also don’t include heavy materials and are not visible. The fillings based on the resin are more expensive and can shrink timely. It also creates gapping between the teeth and their fillings.

When should you have to contact the dentist?

An individual who is experiencing anything from the following can let their doctor know:

  • Severe irritation and pain
  • Swelling in mouth
  • Warmth and reddish marks on the gums
  • Severe teeth sensitivity
  • And a fever

You can ask your dentist how much does a tooth filling cost?

But the cost of the fillings relies upon the place in the mouth and the material utilized. The cavity size is also considered to determine the cost of the fillings.

Is replacement of the filling necessary?

All fillings require to be changed at last. It is due to the metal used that wore down while grinding the teeth, clenching, drinking, and eating. Damaged and worn fillings may be entered in the points of infection, which leads to new teeth decay and probably teeth loss. An individual will not realize the fillings which have been damaged, and this is the reason for the importance of getting an appointment at a dentist office near me.


An individual can feel the increment in the sensitivity of their teeth due to cold or hot food and drinks. This may lead to minor inflammation, gum irritation, and nerve damage because of the drilling. These types of sensitivities trickly enhance according to time. Calling the dentist is better if they get the worst rather than the best.


A filling treat decay of the tooth. Filling may avoid infection and reduce the threat of pain and damage to help maintain dental health. The patient can consult about more options through a walk in dentist. There are distinct varieties of fillings consisting of glass ionomer, composite, gold, and amalgam.


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