January 4, 2023

When Is Sciatica Pain A Medical Emergency?


The signs and symptoms of sciatica may be a red flag for numerous serious problems that may require immediate medical or surgical interventions. So, in this article, you will learn and understand the signs and symptoms of sciatica, so consider contacting a back doctor new jersey to know what is best for you.

Other conditions with sciatica-like signs

There are numerous conditions like sciatica that require immediate medical or surgical treatment, including:

Spinal cord compression

Compression of the cauda equina or the spinal cord can cause discomfort and back pain. Spinal cord abscesses or infections can cause back and leg pain, especially due to movement.


Tumors of the lumbar, bone soft tissues, sciatic nerve, or prostate gland may cause back and leg pain. Metastatic tumors may also cause signs mimicking those of spinal stenosis. Therefore, consider contacting back pain specialists Clifton for a thorough evaluation and treatment of tumors.

Blood vessel problems

Blood vessel aneurysms, syndrome, and blood vessel infections might cause leg and lower back pain. These conditions can lead to loss of blood supply in the affected area and cause symptoms like sciatica. If you experience any pain and discomfort around your back or legs, consider seeking a dentist to know what treatment options are good for you.

Kidney problems

Kidney pain due to cysts and infections can radiate to the back and lower back, especially in the legs.

Any nerve compression needs proper medical attention. Suppose signs of progress, leg weakness, or numbness are present because of nerve damage or potentially due to loss of leg functions. If the nerve is compressed, you may experience constant pain, and surgery is required.

What are the signs and symptoms of sciatica?

It is advised to see a doctor if you find any symptoms of back pain and sciatica pain. They will advise you on counter medicine and lifestyle changes to help subsidize sciatica signs.

  • While lying down, walking blending at the hip and pressing the low back can help.
  • Swelling at your lower back, legs, and thighs
  • A pulsating feeling in the legs
  • Severe weakness or less strength in the legs and genital area
  • Fever, sweat night, and chills
  • An itchy feeling in the painful region provokes the scratches.
  • A cold feeling in the toes or feet
  • Changes in the color of your skin, especially legs or feet (commonly in the legs and the color is blue due to vascular insufficiency)
  • A leg infection that may not heal for a long time.
  • Partial or complete loss of bladder, difficulty in passing urine, or having a bowel movement.
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Loss of appetite weight
  • Changes in the color of skin, hair, and muscle mass


If sciatica pain occurs, this may be because of injury to your back pain, and it may become severe and intolerable. Contact back pain specialists west orange for a thorough diagnosis and treatment, self-care techniques, exercise, and a controlled diet with a back pain specialists nj.