August 2, 2022

Are Lingual Braces Right For You?


Lingual braces Miami are one of the more discrete options, they have the same components as conventional braces, but dentists fix them on the back side of your teeth. Because they are behind your teeth, they are nearly invisible. The only way to find out if the lingual braces are right for you is to consult with your dental specialist. Overall, lingual braces can correct the same alignment issues as conventional braces. Experts k\find out that lingua; braces achieve the treatment goals better than expected.

However, lingual braces are not suitable for everyone. Patients with deep overbites can have trouble with brackets popping off more frequently. Your Miami shores orthodontist will check your teeth during your initial appointment and review the treatment options that are most likely effective and successful for you. Talk to your dental expert early in the procedure if you want lingual braces because not all orthodontists are qualified to use them.

Can lingual braces give you a lisp?

Yes, to answer briefly. To produce specific sounds when you talk, your tongue touches the backs of your teeth. Since the brackets are on the backs of your teeth, your speech will be impaired when you initially get lingual braces. While all braces can alter your speech patterns temporarily, MetLife Miami experts discovered that lingual braces could change your speech for up to a month.

Studies have also proved that the type of brackets your dentist Miami shores chooses to employ may affect the degree of speech impairment. Speech therapy methods have helped some people with their lingual lisps. Your mouth and tongue will eventually adjust to the braces, and your speech should return to normal.

How much do lingual braces costs compare to others?

Your braces’ price will vary based on:

  • The duration of your care
  • Where you live
  • The scope of your insurance (if you have it)
  • The sort of appliance you select.

You will discuss pricing and payment options with a pediatric orthodontist near me, but if you’d want a rough sense of prices in your neighborhood, check out this database from an online paid dental and orthodontist directory. Additionally, linger braces can be made specifically for each patient, raising the price.

Your treatment time might be cut short by that bespoke fit, but it costs money. In part, lingual braces may cost more because they require a more careful and labor-intensive application than traditional braces.

Are lingual braces more discomforting than other braces?

You may experience some amount of discomfort as your teeth start to move regardless of the kind of braces you choose. Most patients will describe this discomfort as dull aching, and over-the-counter drugs can usually make it go away. You should probably eat soft meals like yogurt, rice, and soft-boiled eggs until the pain fades away.

Braces can also cause pain and discomfort when brackets contact the soft tissues in your mouth. Due to the position of the brackets, the tongue frequently hurts when wearing lingual braces. The discomfort of lingual braces can be severe for some patients.


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