June 2, 2021

Can Invisalign fix misaligned teeth?


If you have been to even the best orthodontist in Miami it’s not an enjoyable experience. Given a choice, you would avoid stepping into the dental clinic. Luckily, a dental visit can be nice if you visit the right dentist orthodontist. The truth is, there are orthodontists who are extremely well trained and understand the feeling of patients who are coming to the dental clinic for the first time. They have ways to make you feel so comfortable and at home that you don’t even know when the work is done. Isn’t that amazing?

Invisalign Treatment

Are you cursed with crooked teeth? If yes, Invisalign Surfside is clearly the way to go. They are the right and good orthodontists who understand the nits and grits. Invisalign has grown in reputation as time has gone by. Many people are counting on this method to fix their crooked teeth, you can also use this procedure. Look for a provider of Invisalign sunny isles beach fl to begin the process.

What happens at the first consultation?

A staff member will take the image of your mouth and your teeth. They will do camera photos as well as X-Rays so they can really know your teeth and facial arrangement. This will help acquaint you with your treatment plan and assure that your doctor and Invisalign North Miami are as per the orthodontic needs. This treatment is expensive so look for an orthodontist with payment plans. Once your doctor for Invisalign North Miami Beach has checked your teeth, your photos, and the X-Rays, he will be able to develop an accurate, step-by-step teeth alignment plan for making your teeth from bad to fab.

How Treatment Works

With 3d X-ray image, the doctor for Invisalign Miami shores fl will begin to develop a plan of treatment as per the foreseen movement of the teeth during every stage of the treatment. Through this, you can also take a look at how your smile will be once the treatment is done. According to this procedure, aligners will be made. Once the aligners are prepared, you need to wear them for 22 hours. After 15-17 days, you will get the next series of aligners. For almost every patient, this is normally a period of 14 days but it can vary as per the condition of the smile.

What can you do to reap the best results?

You are recommended to use the aligners for around 20 to 22 hours every day if you want to get the best out of this treatment. Luckily, the aligners are non-allergic to your mouth. Therefore, it should not be something that can irritate your mouth and cause cuts. However, it is important to remove them while you are having food and doing brush or floss. Don’t forget to clean your aligners too everyday. Ask the provider of Invisalign Miami shores fl regarding the care of aligners.