January 19, 2023

Does Invisalign Cause Gum Recession?


Invisalign is a clear set of aligners created for your teeth. You can expect mild gum bleeding and inflammation after wearing the Invisalign for a few days. However, some people question does Invisalign causes gum recession.

Invisalign is a good solution for crowded teeth. Correcting the teeth can take upto 6 weeks if you have small gaps. Your braces in Hollywood, fl, may ask you to wear a retainer to close the gap after the Invisalign treatment completes. The openings can form again if you do not use retainers on your teeth.

Many people face gum irritation problems, and gum tissue migration can be the reason for the increased sensitivity and bleeding in the area where it appears. Other reasons can also be reasons for bleeding. Can one reason can be imperfect home care. Therefore, it can also happen because the tray edges may rub, scrape, and slash against a particular area of your mouth. You can also cut or trim the edges of the tray to protect your mouth. You should consult your dentist if you have over-bleeding and irritation or are not taking proper care of your teeth. Even if you have gum disease, it can also be a culprit that causes bleeding and irritation is not stopped.

Invisalign North Miami are created to pressure your teeth and gradually force them back to their place. With aligners, you can avoid your favourite food. The longer you wear the aligners, the better results you get.

What is gum recession?

Teeth moving away from the root results from receding gums and revealing teeth. Plaque, a bacterial film that sticks to surfaces, is more prone to develop. This may start yet another oral problem. If neglected, you may have to suffer tooth or bone loss.

Gum recession is mainly caused by improper dental hygiene or overbrushing. Age can also be a critical factor that can cause gum recession.

Unlike other tissue, your gum tissue does not rebuild itself. Because of this, receding gums never regrow. So it is better to treat your gums on time when you notice the symptoms.

It is a standard dental issue that needs treatment soon. The process of gum recession is slow, but that is why many people ignore the disease. Minor tooth pain or discomfort can also cause many oral issues, so you should treat them promptly.

In Conclusion:

Braces near me may be an excellent option for some people, but knowing the potential risks associated with this type of orthodontic treatment is essential whether you choose braces or Invisalign. The gum recession is something you cannot ignore at all. If you detect any changes in your gums, you should consult a doctor regarding receding gums. With the proper methods, gum damage can be fixed and avoided.

There are many cases where one person’s teeth shifts to their position perfectly, and some teeth don’t move precisely to their place. This is why the treatment varies from person to person.

Call your orthodontist if you are considering the Invisalign treatment. Visit your orthodontic specialists in Florida and consult your doctor about whether you are a suitable candidate for Invisalign. Book an appointment now!



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