September 5, 2023

How Do Dental Crowns Get Placed In Houston?


Our teeth occasionally risk getting weak, broken, or damaged. What are dental crowns? A dental crown can save the day in that situation! But how does this enchanted crown function? The process of dental crowns will be described in this article.

What Steps Are Involved In A Dental Crown Procedure?

Diagnosis And Examination

The first step is to see your dentist. Your tooth will be examined in order to determine the issue and then check for a toothache treatment. To gain a better look, they might use X-rays or perhaps photography. They will go over the procedure with you if they determine that a dental crown is the best option.

Increasing Acuity

Dentists are aware that no one enjoys being in pain. To ensure you won’t feel anything during the process, they will numb the area before beginning any work on your teeth. A small amount of numbing medication is typically injected into your gums close to the tooth, which requires the crown to accomplish this.

A Tooth’s Shape

Your tooth will now be ready for its new crown at this point. A portion of the tooth’s outer covering will be removed by your dentist using a specialized tool. This slightly reduces the size of your tooth, just enough to accommodate the crown without making it excessively large.

Getting An Impression

Consider using clay to create a mold of your hand. Dentists perform a similar procedure, but they use your teeth. You will be asked to bite down on a soft substance while they take an impression of your tooth. Sending this imprint to a dental lab will enable them to make a unique crown for you.

Permanent Crown

Your dentist will place a temporary crown on your tooth while you wait (which often takes a few weeks for your bespoke crown to be created). As a placeholder, this temporary crown guards your tooth till the permanent one is prepared.

Fitting A Crown

You’ll pay another visit to the dentist when your bespoke crown is prepared. The temporary crown will be taken off, and a new one will be fitted over your tooth. They will inspect it to ensure that it is the proper size shape, and fits precisely.

King Bonding

Your dentist will use a special glue to firmly bond the crown to your teeth once they are certain it matches your tooth perfectly. They’ll make sure it’s positioned perfectly to cover and safeguard your cracked tooth.

Bite Exam

In order to ensure your new crown fits perfectly as you chew, your dentist will urge you to bite down gently. They’ll make any required modifications to make sure it’s cozy and won’t interfere with your ability to eat.

Polishing And Finishing

Following the completion of all fitting and tweaking, your dentist will polish your crown. This gives it a natural-looking sheen and smoothness.

Aftercare Guidelines

How to take care of your new crown will be explained by your dentist. They’ll advise you to avoid chewing on hard objects like ice or candies that could harm the crown and to brush and floss frequently.

In Conclusion

And that’s how getting a dental crown is done! It’s similar to giving your teeth a tiny cap to protect and strengthen it once more. The procedure could seem a little drawn out, but it’s all worthwhile to maintain a healthy and cheerful smile. Therefore, if your dentist recommends a dental crown near me in Houston for you, you won’t need to fear because you now know what to anticipate.

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