February 1, 2022

How Do You Fix An Underbite Without Surgery?


The problem of an underbite is not an aesthetic issue but it also affects self-confidence. If it is left untreated then this would also cause health issues such as speaking, jaw pain, severe headaches, tooth decay, and eating problems from the extreme wear of the tooth enamel. Having orthodontic issues does not mean it is untreatable. In today’s era, there are board-certified orthodontist near me who use updated technology and innovation to create amazing advancements in your smile and confidence. The correction and fixing of an underbite are no longer as invasive, tedious, or painful as they can be used. However, surgical intervention is only important if there are any issues related to the skeleton. But some cases can solve your underbite without surgery.

What Does It Mean To Have An Underbite?

Having an underbite or prognathism is a bad bite or dental malocclusion that transpires when the lower teeth bulge and overlap the upper teeth. With a gentle underbite, only two or more rows of teeth will meet virtually. Additionally, the more severe underbite the tooth will not meet at all.

What Are The Causes Of Underbite?

The problem of an underbite is the result of genetic misalignment of the lower jaw. It is growing because of situations like Crouzon syndrome, acromegaly, and basal cell nevus syndrome. Many people there are more prone to the growing prognathism than others. Thankfully, whatever the cause may be, several ways are there to fix underbite with the surgery in both adults and childrens.

What Are The Devices Used To Correct An Underbite With Surgery?

For the underbite correction without surgery in both childrens and adults, there are two options-

  • Invisalign
  • Braces

Let’s understand the working of both devices in-depth.

How To Correct An Underbite With Invisalign?

The metal braces are usually used for mild to extreme underbites, and clear braces like Invisalign are a good option for your sensitive underbite issues. The Invisalign is useful in shifting your teeth into better alignment over time with transparent retainers or aligners.

The patients need to wear these aligners for at least 22 hours per day for 1 year so that gradually they help in correcting the underbite. Many a time Invisalign is used as dental elastics. And these elastic bands are bonded to the buttons on the Invisalign retainers and facilitate more pressure to enhance the teeth that fit together.

How To Correct An Underbite With Braces?

Underbite braces are used to fix the intense cases of underbites by shifting the teeth into the perfect alignment or position. It depends on the harshness of the underbite, removing one or more teeth from your lower jaw may help in enhancing the looks of an underbite.

The patients normally worry about this process, but there is nothing like this as the complete process is painless. A dental professional will provide a local anesthetic around the area of the teeth which needs to be pulled out. This will not make you feel anything rather than a slight force.

Further, you may also get a prescription for the use of an upper jaw expander or the reverse-pull face mask at night to either enlarge the upper jaw or pull the lower jaw backward in the right alignment.


Deciding the right device or tool for an underbite correction without surgery is still confusing for you people? Then the best option is to consult with the adult orthodontics Miami who will help you in deciding the best and effective option for you. Further, visit our website for more details.