September 2, 2020

Top Tips To Care For Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are worn for various reasons. It can be due to aesthetics or cosmetic purposes. They use contact lenses to alter the way their eyes look. Some use it as a replacement for corrective eyeglasses or spectacles. Contact lenses have a distinct advantage over eyeglasses since it does not collect moisture from rain, sweat or snow. There are certain eye conditions that are best corrected through contact lenses rather than eyeglasses.

Contact lenses need care depending on the type. There are lenses that can be disposed after wearing it. Other lenses that require cleaning to avoid infections brought about by bacteria that thrive in lens use. If there is no proper care for re-usable contact lenses; infections may result in severe vision loss.

The best way to care for contact lenses is the use of cleaning solutions. Your eye doctor should be able to advise you about proper care and maintenance of lenses. But of course, you can read on and learn the basics on all these such that you take precautions and have the contacts care ideas with you at all times.

First, clean hands matter. When you touch your eyes to remove the contact lenses make sure your hands are clean and dry. This will prevent infection from impacting your eyes. Much of the dirt that the lens collects actually comes from your own hands. Eliminate the build-up of bacteria with clean hands; you’ll be glad that you had washed your hands.

It’s also important that you use only prescribed lens cleaners. Your eye doctor knows what kind of cleaner that is best to use. Also, follow the usage directions carefully with the instructions coming from your eye health professional. If you want to change the lens cleaner be sure to clear it up with your doctor first. If you develop any irritation on the eye, contact your doctor immediately. At the same time, make sure to clean your contact lenses after each use. Let them dry before you use them again. Dispose the lens case each month to prevent the growth of bacteria. If the lenses appear like a cup then it is inside out. Restore it to its proper shape before wearing it.

Don’t forget that contacts come first before cosmetics. So wear the contact lens before applying make-up. Remove the lens first before removing make-up. Mascara with some fibers may drop into the eye so avoid it. The same is true with powder eye shadows that may get into the eye and irritate it.

The other thing to always remember is to avoid fumes and smoke when using contact lenses. This will cause the eyes to produce tears and could impact how you safely wear the lens. Remove your lens when you are going swimming or about to enter a bath tub.

Another issue that’s risky is tending to dehydration or drying contacts issues the wrong ways. If the lens gets dehydrated, do not use saliva to rehydrate it. Use a saline solution instead. If you use a cleaning solution do not touch the nozzle. Even your fingers may contaminate the solution.

It is also advised to take off the contacts before bed time. While many people do sleep with these vision aids on, it’s better if you don’t sleep with your lenses. This will prevent oxygen from entering the eyes. Don’t even wear it if you are just taking a nap. The lens may get dirty with some eye gunk and it may affect the performance of the lens once you wake up.

Regarding the product, here’s more ideas to take careful notice on for safety purposes. First, never wear somebody else’s contact lens. You never know where their eyes have been. Just like toothbrushes, contact lenses should be your exclusive use. Think about using other people’s toothbrush when you are about to use another person’s contact lens. Also, don’t wear lenses that bother you. Go back to your eye health professional and ask for a replacement. It will cause eye damage if you insist in using contact lenses that are not comfortable. Lastly, check your contact lenses for wear and tear. Once noticed, discard them and have it replaced immediately.

Proper contact lens care is important to prevent eye infection. Contact lens when used properly can give you freedom and mobility that no eyeglass can match. It also brings more attention to your face when you use contact lenses.

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