April 28, 2023

What are the Common Dental Emergencies?



A dental emergency is connected with dental issues that cause excessive bleeding, broken facial bones, swollen gums, and severe tooth pain that can’t be bearable. All these are severe dental problems that require the immediate attention of a dentist, but it doesn’t mean that all dental issues fall under dental emergencies. It is worth mentioning that ignoring a dental problem can enhance the chance of permanent damage and requires more expensive and complex treatment.


To address this issue, get a consultation with emergency tooth extraction near me in Houston, TX Edge Dental Emergency handles many dental emergencies, from crooked to knock-out teeth. To protect ourselves from unnecessary or long-term dental damage, visit our clinic in emergency dental care near me in Houston. In this post, we will explain some common dental emergencies. Let’s explore them one by one:-

 Broken or Chipped Tooth

 Did you bite yourself with your teeth and feel like it is too hard? Chipped or broken teeth ruin your perfect smile and give you a lot of pain. Does this happen to you? If so, try to collect the pieces of all your teeth if possible.

After this incident, rinse your mouth with warm water so the affected area gets cleaned and does not spread the infection to other areas. Also, apply a piece of gauze for excessive bleeding. To get relief from pain or swelling, place a cold compressor on your face closest to the broken or chipped teeth.

When you seek Emergency Dentist near me in Houston, TX, Edge Dental Emergency will suggest you refrain from eating crunchy and hard food items. Keep away yourself away from sports or other activities.

Dental Abscess

 Abscess collects pus in the affected areas and can cause infection nearby the surrounding areas of a root or the space between your teeth and games. Dental Abscess is a severe dental health problem if not treated correctly or on time.

For some relief or ease of pain, rinse your mouth with mild salt-water solution 2 or 3 times daily as this home remedy helps remove pus from the surface If you have the symptoms of dental abscess, consult a doctor immediately.

The dentist removes the collected pus as a line of treatment and protects you from spreading infection in nearby areas. Unfortunately, if the conditions worsen, the orthodontists must pull out the tooth. If you don’t get the treatment of dental abscess on time, then it creates major or life-threatening complications.


Bleeding and Pain After A Tooth Extraction

 Bleeding and pain are common issues that happen after some post-operation procedures of tooth extraction. But, if it persists continuously after an hour or later, it’s time to call your doctor. You will feel better after placing a thick gauze in the place of the extraction site and trying to apply pressure on the gauze with bitting. Keep yourself away from drinking, smoking, eating, or sucking.



 There are various underlying Dental Emergencies, but we have covered some of them. Seeking medical care for dental problems is necessary; otherwise, it creates further problems. The dentist recommends dental implant surgery in Houston, 77079, if the condition of the teeth or gums is critical.