December 17, 2021

What Are The Facts You Need To Know About Dental Bridges?


Not many people are aware of dental bridges, people often think if you are suffering from missing teeth you should get dental implants or dentures but this is partially true not totally. If you are someone suffering from missing and crooked teeth then you must consider dental bridges. Still, don’t understand? In this article we’ll support you understand:

  • What are dental bridges?
  • What are the types of dental bridges
  • What is the advantage of dental bridges
  • What is the disadvantage of dental bridges

Make sure to read this article till the end for getting more about it.

What are dental bridges?

Dental bridges are the enduring procedure for the replacement of missing teeth. The dental bridges are made of different pieces that are mixed together to get a fit into the gap where your missing tooth used to be. These dental bridges are made of several types of materials including gold, alloys, or porcelain. Dental bridges are an alternative to dentures and dental implants. These dental bridge near me do both functional and physical appearance enhancement by allowing you to eat and speak better.

What are the types of dental bridges?

Midtown Dental has indicated that dental bridges are a form of artificial teeth which is known as “pontics” If you have several missing teeth, you need to have a pontic for each missing tooth which will be created in the shape of and size of your missing teeth. Here are types of dental bridges including:

1. Traditional fixed bridge:

These bridges are the most common bridges that include dental crowns on both sides of the pontic.

2. Resin-bonded bridge:

These bridges are used to replace front teeth. It is made of porcelain or metal material that is glued to the back of your teeth on either side of the gap, instead of using dental crowns Emergency Dental Care often uses these.

3. Cantilever bridge:

These bridges are not in common use, these bridges are generally used when you have only one side of the gap that has a natural tooth. So the pontic will be fixed by the crown over the natural teeth. If you are someone looking for Cantilever Bridge Dental, you can visit a nearby dentist and ask them about it.

What are the advantages of Dental Bridges?

Here are some advantages of Dental bridges including:

  1. With the help of dental bridges, you will be able to restore your beautiful smile.
  2. Dental bridges will help you restore the correct pronunciation which wasn’t proper because of your missing teeth.
  3. Dental bridges will help you with the prevention of bone loss because of missing teeth.
  4. It will restore your ability to chew.
  5. It will prevent surrounding teeth from moving into the gap of missing teeth, which can cause other complications.

What are the disadvantages of Dental Bridges?

Everything has its advantage and disadvantages, above we have mentioned the advantages of dental bridges, now let’s focus on some disadvantages of bridges near me such as:


  1. Any future injury in your teeth can damage the dental bridge.
  2. In case the dental crowns are not properly fitted it will start building up bacteria and plague that will lead you to tooth decay.
  3. You need to make sure your eating habits are healthy because these dental bridge crowns will be affected by your every bite.
  4. In case the supporting teeth get weak there can be the chance that the bridge could collapse.


Hence, this was all about dental bridges. If you are looking for dental bridges, make sure to search on the internet for “Dental Bridges Near Me” and get as many options as you want.