July 5, 2022

What Are The Popular Braces Color Combinations And Ideas?


It’s always fun to combine various colors, especially to celebrate seasons and favorite sports teams. According to a Miami orthodontist specialist, You can combine two or three colors in alternate patterns. Generally, it is best to stick with one to three colors as adding more colors may look busy and a bit too much.

The exception, of course, is a rainbow color pattern that suits everyone and looks great. There are also other attractive and cute braces colors combinations and ideas, such as

Colors for skin tone

According to orthodontist Hollywood, you can match your braces band colors with your skin tone for a reliably excellent smile. Darker, more striking hues like navy blue or violet, deep red, and hunter and deep greens go well with lighter complexion tones. These have the added benefit of making your teeth look brighter and won’t make your skin look washed out.

Brighter jewel tones look great against darker skin tones. Orthodontics specialist of Florida recommends picking rubber bands in vivid hues like ruby red, hot pink or magenta, or brilliant blue or teal. These hues will complement darker skin tones and make your grin sparkle.

Colors based on your eye color

A simple and attractive way to look great in your braces is to match your braces with the color of your eye. People with light-colored eyes such as green or blue should choose the same color in a darker shade, enhancing the color of their eye and making it more attractive.

A complementary shade will work best for those with hazel and brown eyes. If you have hazel or brown eyes, you should choose a deep or bright blue or green color. You can even pick silver or gold to create an attractive contrast and balance your eyes.

Colors based on your style

If you already have a go-to outfit style, then braces colors are a terrific way to improve your appearance. Find a common hue in your clothing by looking through them. A simple, ready-made answer to fantastic-looking braces is to match the dress you already commonly wear instead of choosing black braces and rubber bands, which can stain your teeth.

MetLife Miami dentist suggests if you primarily wear black, select a color that goes with your wardrobe. Rubber bands in either gold or navy look fantastic with black clothing. If you have a great collection of shoes, choose some hues from your favorite pairs for a fashionable style.

Colors to avoid

While wearing colorful braces and rubber bands is a great way to express your personality and sense of style, there are some hues you should just stay away from. You shouldn’t pick any colors that will give the appearance that food is lodged in your teeth, that your teeth are stained or discolored or both.

The most crucial thing to remember is that your braces are attached to your teeth. Therefore you want them to look as bright and tidy as possible. Extremely dark hues like black and dark brown, as well as very light hues like yellow and white, might make your teeth appear discolored.


We hope the above-given information may help you understand more about braces colors. The above article highlights the best braces color combinations and ideas. For a deeper dive into braces and braces colors, please visit ivanovortho.com.